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Friday, 31 December, 2004

Aid Package from Unicef arrives in Aceh

Highlights from Kompas, Indonesia (31 December 2004)

Aid Package from Unicef arrives in Aceh

An aid package from Unicef for Aceh arrives in Jakarta todayy. The aid package weighing 3.8 tonnes was filled with medical supplies for emergency situations including medicine, medical equipment, plastic sheets and toiletries such as comb, tooth brush and soap. The aid packet was estimated to be enough for 200,000 people

In order to prevent the spread of disease, Unicef will endeavour to provide vaccines, vitamin A tablets, clean water, water purification instrument, mosquito nets, medicine for malaria and basic medical amenities.

Unicef official in Jakarta, John Budd, said that part of its efforts is to provide for the basic education needs for children whose schools have been destroyed. Unicef will provide basic teaching tools called ‘School in a Box’ which contains teaching and learning materials. Unicef will also work with the authorities and religious organisations to set up centres for children. In addition, Unicef intends to provide psychological help for children whose families have been victims of this disaster.

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