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Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Deathtoll expected to cross 100,000

Latest deathtoll

Indonesia 45,268
Sri Lanka 25,000
India 12,419
Thailand 1,829
East Africa 133
Myanmar 90
Maldives 67
Malaysia 65
Bangladesh 2

Source rediff
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

The horror of this Tsunami has saddened me beyond belief. I feel so helpless being down here in Australia. I wish I could be there to lend a hand. I'm trying to help anyway I can. Financially and also by money collecting for Tsunami relief.

*gives hugs to everyone affected by this disaster*

Thu Dec 30, 03:11:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Just stumbled across your blog by accident, so sorry for the intrusion, but I just had to point out:

These next comments are made with no disrespect meant to what people are calling "The Asian Disaster" -- a natural disaster that is truly tragic & I feel for each and every person that has been effected by it...


While there has been nearly 4 BILLION dollars that have been raised worldwide to aid the families and communities of the 150 000 people that have lost their lives, I still feel the need to point out a few facts:

Between 6-8 000 people die each day in Africa due to AIDs... That's more than 2.5 MILLION people in ONE year. And the world and its various organizations can only find (give or take a few million) $165 MILLION per year to aid THESE victims. It's sad really. I don't need to do the math for you, you can see for yourselves how inadequate that amount of aid for AIDS victims is.

All I'm trying to say is that if the world can find it in their hearts to react so quickly and strongly and with such determination to help the victims of a natural disaster, why can't we all show the same fortitude when it comes to an entire continent that is beign savaged by a disease???

Sat Jan 08, 12:38:00 PM IST