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Friday, 31 December, 2004

List of medicines required in Tamil Nadu

Based on feedback from a variety of field sources, a comprehensivelist of items immediately needed is given below:
Medicines: Based on Prioritised list received from Doctors inCuddalore and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. (Source: Shanmuga &D.V.Prakash, Trustees of Kuvempu Trust; sshanmuga@vsnl.com)First priority -
Paracetmol Brufane Amoxycillin Ranidin (stomach pain, vomit) Antacids ORS powder Tetramycin eyedrops Multivitamins Norfloxacin (diarrhoea) Dichloromine Derephyllin Tabs T.NORINS-TZ for adult (diarrhoea) NEGAMAT suspension syrup for child (diarrhoea)

Second Priority - List generated by Community Health Cell in Bangalore(sochara@vsnl.com)Chlorine Tablets (for disinfection of water), Septran Syrup and Tablets, Flagyl Syrup and Tabs (Metronidazole), Paracetamol Syrup and Tabs, Asthalin Syrup (Salbutomol) + Tabs (Theo Asthalin), Mebendazole, Cough Syrup, Brufen tablets / Diclofenac, Metronidazole, Doxycyclin Capsules, Ampicillin Capsules, Soframycin Ointment, Nasivion Nose Drops, ORS, Calamine Lotion, Amoxycyclin 250 mg (Amoxycillin), anti Histamines (Avil CPM / cetrizine), Derephyllin Tabs, Ibuprofen ointment / Diclofenac ointment

Third Priority - List from relief workers in Gujarat Earthquake experience

Cefotaxin (Injection ) 1000/500 mg Ciprofloxacin 100 mg/200 I. V. Fortwin/ Pentazocine Hydrocortison 100 mg / 200 mg Perinorm Metachlopromite Norfloxacin 400 mg Amikacine 500 mg Metronidazol 400 mg I. V. Phenargan Renitidine Sutures & Needles Pain Relief - Ibuprofane, Asprin, Dclofenac, Paracetamol Infection Prevention - Amoxicillin Dysentry - Diaorehha - Oral Rehydration kits (ORS), Furazolidone, Metronidizole Anti-Bacterial - Cotrimoxazole For Asthama - Salbutamol, Aminophylline Chloroquine Other Medical Aid required Infant feeding tubes Dressing trays Surgical scissors Bandages, Cotton dressing material I. V. N/ Saline , 5% Dextrose Surgical & plastering knife Injuries Dressing - Cotton, Bandgaes etc. Sanitary Napkins, Disposable Gloves (for relief workers) Face mask (for relief workers) Bleaching Powder 'phenoil' liquid Flashlight

General Guidelines for sending medical aid: Please send only well-packed medicines that have clear labels. Medicines whose expiry date is clearly marked and within expiry datewill only be used. For fragile medical equipments, please packageproperly and also indicate this CLEARLY on the mailing box.
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Anonymous Anonymous said :


Seems that some of the relief efforts are getting in the way themselves.


Pls check the contents of the above URL whereby tsunami victims are facing a dilemma where they are given what they do not want and those who want it are not getting the same.

Request aid workers to keep the above problem in mind while they help the victims of this catastrophe.

Fri Dec 31, 05:13:00 PM IST