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Friday, 31 December, 2004

List of Urgent Needs in Aceh

1. Donations SHOULD NOT in the form of uncooked food including instant noodles because there is no clean water or kitchen tools to cook them. The most urgent needs are INFANT FOOD (excluding powder milk that needs very-rare clean water to mix it). Infant baby and ready-to-eat products (such as gerber or nestle products, etc.) would be very helpful. Liquid UHT milk would also be very useful. (THE POINT IS HEALTHY READY-TO-EAT FOOD)

2. Non-Food Donations, with the priorities as the following:

- Corpse packs
- Disinfectant
- Mask
The decomposed corpse spreading all over the places so that this condition has caused people feel hard to breathe. Thus, if these bodies would not be evacuated/isolated as soon as possible, they might cause few epidemics, particularly Cholera, happening there.

3. Other Non-Food donations that are still quite rare and very precious are the followings:
- palls/wide coverlets
- blankets
- underwear (particularly for female)
- sarong cloth
- infant milk bottle and pacifier for new-born infants

4. For medicines, medical tools & sanitation please contact the Ministry of Health and Independent Bodies on Health for further coordination in order to give effective function.

Other Detailed Needs:

1. Medicines

Cold/coughing/fever: Decolsin, capsule, Mixagrip, OBH Combi, OBH Combi Plus for adults and children, Vick Formula 44 for adults and children, new baby couch syrup, Termorex, Alphamol, Flukol Forte, Inza, Procold, Benadryl dmp child, Bodrex, Bodrexin, Panadol, Tempra , etc.

Diarrhea/ stomachache medicines such as Andicap, Oraline, Dialet, Diaform, Enterostop, Papaverin, etc.

First-Aid Medicines: Dansepta, Cotton, Alcohol, Rivanol, Mercurochrom, Sterile Cover, Abodine, Leukoplast, Betadine, Ban-aid

Antibiotic: Amoxilin 500 mg, Dry Syrup Amoxcillin, Dry Syrup Ampicillin, Salpenol

For Skin: Salicyl powder, PK, skin salve Dermal, cream Trimadan, Skin salve Genoint, Salve Nosib, Skin Salve of Kaki tiga brand, Skin Salve 88, Dactarin, Herocin powder, Ikamicetine, Fluocinonide Ointment, Kalpanax, Isondine Oinment, Kemicetine, etc.

Stomach: Antasida, Decolid, Cimetidine 200 mg, Ranitidine 150 mg, Promag.

Massage oil, Cajuput Oil, Balsam, Balpirik,

Other medicines/vitamins: vitamin B complex, vitamin c, vitamin c drop, vitamin B1, trisulfa, oxifrot, CTM, Aciclovir, Captopril, Cumachol, Rexibet 2, Dexamethasone, Sulfaferrosus, Aminophyline, Reserpine, Pyridoxine, Prednison, Frisium, Inoprilate, Incidalod, Erlamicetin, Kalmethason, Dextromethorphan pill, Furasemide, Tetracyclin 250.

2. Logistic

- Powder & Liquid Milk
- Sugar, coffee
- Noodles
- Rice
- Vitamins
- Supplementary Drink
- First-Aid packages

3. Communication Tools
- HT, Satellite phones and internet connection (GPRS or VSAT at once)
- Notebook

4. Miscellaneous

- Blankets
- Mattresses
- Floor Cleaning Agent
- Clothes
- Sandals
- Car Batteries (12 V)
- Dry Cell Battery (1.5 V)

5. Human Resource:

1. SAR, native people that understand SAR.
2. Logistic, understanding logistic distributions and needs of the victims.
3. Media, to help updating news and volunteers for general purposes (carrying things)
4. Communication Technicians

Source: Aceh Media Center

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