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Friday, 31 December, 2004

U.S Based NGO Pushing Bush Administration to Contribute More Funds to Relief Effort

Cross posted on Progressive Change for Tsunami Victims
From Chitra

Hi folks,

In addition to us giving our individual contributions for tsunami relief, its also important to pressure Bush and Congress to increase their financial commitment to relief efforts. Remember that earlier this year, Congress pledged $13 billion for hurricane relief efforts in Florida. Surely we can do better than the $35 million that has been pledged for South and Southeast Asia. Death toll is currently at 114 million thousand [Ed's note-- SORRY!]. It takes one minute to pressure Congress. Go to website below and please pass it on


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Blogger Mafesto said :

ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN MILLION DEAD? Are you sure it's not 114 thousand?

Fri Dec 31, 04:33:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am just one of millions of Americans who has sent money to help these stricken people but anyone who uses the death and destruction heeped on these nations to make a political statement or further their hatred of Bush is using thie misery of these people in a horrid way.

The US leads the world in disater relief consistantly and sense it is our tax dollars that allow this--no one expects Bush to send a billion $ straight away.

Wisdom in giving, preparation for the long term and working to help the nations effected to help themselves is how it will go down.

Right now--water, food, shelter, medicine, and burying the dead is priority. Rebuilding comes later.
How much do you suppose it costs to send ships & planes with very expensive equipment?

You would do well to keep your efforts non-political.

US Voices

Fri Dec 31, 04:36:00 PM IST  
Blogger Cheryl said :

I have to say I agree with Anonymous -- its 114,000 THOUSAND which is no small number.

The US Always leads when it comes to disaster donations and help and I'm sure that is not going to change now.

Until it was publisized, France had only offered $138,000.

Take the politics out of this site or it becomes another "left blog".

Fri Dec 31, 04:46:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I disagree. The US does not always lead when it comes to disaster relief. The United Kingdom has lead this time. I do not hate America, or love the UK but I don't understand how the largest economy in the world can donate the same initial amount as a smaller economy such as the UK. It doesn't make sense!

Fri Dec 31, 04:57:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

It's not about making this a "Bush bashing" or political website.

It's about delivering humanitarian aid to one of the poorest regions of the world in an urgent time of need.

Yes, America frequently - but not always - leads relief efforts. Then again, America is the world's richest and most technically-capable nation. Who better to give aid?

Some 127,000 are confirmed dead at the time of writing. 5 million people have been displaced from their homes - some possibly permanently.

Originally, the UK government only offered £15 million (around $28 million). The UK general public raised £25 million (approx $48 million) in just FIVE days. That has shamed the UK government into trebling the original amount promised to £50 million (approx $95 million - out of a total of $475 million promised by the world - or 20% of the total).

Think of how much more the American public can achieve by making itself heard with Congress and the White House.

And if you want to be political in your thinking, remember apparent indifference on the part of the US government will only help reinforce the misconceptions some of those affected may have regarding the US, whereas a strong show of leadership and co-operation by the US with the rest of the UN could well serve to give those in the region who harbour suspicions towards the US reasons to rethink their ideas.

Fri Dec 31, 05:02:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I think the original poster simply means that the official US help was very small provided that the US is the richest country in the world. Think also that insurances spent millions in $ in Florida, something they won't do in SE Asia, and the amount offered by the US government "represents "less than half the daily sales of dog and cat food in the United States,".
Put another way, it was "one-tenth of the cost of the daily cost of the war in Iraq for the US army""

Another thing that has to be controlled is that all the offered monies are really collected and used: I read that only a little part of what was promised to Iran for last year's earthquake that killed 30.000 has been collected. Probably because no Westerners were killed and no Western economic interests are based in the region. That's sad. And hardly anyone talked about the recent disaster in Bangladesh.

Fri Dec 31, 05:08:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Do you think the initial donation by the US will be the end of it? The US is the leader in aide and this time will be NO different. One can not call the UK or anyone the "lead" right now as the giving has just begun.

It will be the US that will still be there when all other nations have left.
Do not forget the individual donations by the American people and American private Charitys.

A message to the owners of this site:
If your desire is to serve those that suffer from this terrible disaster--then I suggest that clips from such places as "Moveone.org" or any political enity be dropped. It is horrendous that Moveon would use this to further their political voice--do you really think they care about these suffering people?

I really think this site wants to help--I suggest then to become non-political or your efforts will not bring all that they could.

US Voices

Fri Dec 31, 05:14:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I see, we should give so they like us?
The poster above appears have no idea about the US or statements on appealing to congress to do more would not be made.

The UN? The same place that stole money meant for suffering people? I dont think so.

This effort needs to be a world wide effort and is comming together as such.
Before trashing the US--when was the last time anyone has faced a disaster of this magnatude?

It would be unwise to give every dollar of donation BEFORE all the needs are known.
The people of this country expect our goverment to be wise in this regard as we know we will be helping for a very long time.

To the poster who said the US has not always led--name one time?

Blogs are powerful tools--if this blog is going to be nothing but another left, American hating blog, then I will use my blog to steer people towards blogs that have no other purpose than to help the people.


Fri Dec 31, 05:32:00 PM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

The original post was not a "left" comment or a "right" comment-- I have my personal politics, and I am trying to put them elsewhere. What I was doing was passing on an appeal (not from me by the way) that's designed to generate more funds for people affected by this issue. If this was really about pushing my particular agenda, you would have heard a lot more about colonialism and racism see the site that the original is crossposted on.

Fri Dec 31, 06:56:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

If it is funds and help you want--why is it that India and Sri Lanka has refused further aide from Israel?

Fri Dec 31, 08:18:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Your intent maynot be political but it is and I doubt you fail to see that.
Whats lost--is the suffering people.

Fri Dec 31, 08:21:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Appeals "to Bush (and Congress)" from moveon.org are obviously going to have political foundations.

To deny this is silly.

Fri Dec 31, 09:30:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Why must people always target the United States relief efforts? We have always led in the past and will probably end up doing so again in the long run. What I would like to know, is which countries helped us when Florida was so devastated? Where did the help come from, outside of our Nation, when San Francisco was so hard hit by earthquake? Where was the help when the South was so hard hit by floods? Americans, be fair with our Government! Not only do we donate to a large portion of the world, but take care of our own as well, with very little, if any, help from outside countires!! Kudo's to the American Government for responsing wherever they are needed!!
Signed,a very proud American

Fri Dec 31, 09:34:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I was about to provide a link to your effort then I saw it was associated with MoveOn.org and I withdrew my intents.

The lying scumbags of MoveOn.org are not interested in helping the victims of this horrific event. They are only interested in exploiting the victims for partisan political gain.

You bastards are worse than Hilter.

Fri Dec 31, 10:53:00 PM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

To be fair, I'll admit it was dishonest of me to say my comment or the post wasn't political. If it's possible to retract things, I take back that comment, which was spoken out of anger and frustration. perhaps this was the wrong forum to post an advocacy post of whatever stripe althoguh i personally don't see how the moveon appeal is all that radical even if it's coming from a "left" organization.

All that said, you folks are being incredibly naive if you think that the U.S. government as well as European governments and Japan are being sufficiently generous in this situation. I'll refer you here for a comparison on how little money the U.S. government is spending:

This is what the U.S. government's spending priorities are (as posted on my blog http://darkdaysahead.blogspot.com):

$15,000,000 allocated for tsunami victims initially (1)
$35,000,000 allocated after criticism that U.S. is stingy (2)
$1,000,000,000+ expected total aid for tsunami victims, according to Administration (3)
$5,000,000,000 aid requested by Bush FY 2005 for foreign militaries to receive U.S. weapons and equipment 2005 (4)
$19,000,000,000 expected total foreign aid approved by Congress FY 2005 (5)
$152,600,000,000 legislatively allocated so far for Iraq War (6)
$402,000,000,000 requested military budget by Bush administration FY 2005 (4)
$452,000,000,000 anticipated total military requests by Bush administration FY 2005 (4)


(1) Times of India, 12/28/2004
(2) Xinhua, 12/29/2004
(3) CBS News, 12/29/2004
(4) Foreign Policy in Focus
(5) Catholic Relief Services
(6) This doesn't include the additional $50,000,000,000 per year beyond 2004 that the Iraq War will cost the U.S. if it maintains troops there. National Priorities Project [pdf]

I criticize the U.S. government because I'm an American and I feel let down. I urge it to better action because it's the most powerful institution in the world.

Fri Dec 31, 10:54:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Groups like MoveOn.org try to capitalize politically off other peoples misery. Everyone who can please send help.

Fri Dec 31, 10:55:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

MoveOn.org just spent over $21 MILLION dollars trying to bash President Bush during the election year, and they are continuing their attacks through your blog. They may be what you call "NGO", but their efforts are purely politically based. They are not a "non-profit charity", but they are one of the many "527 Groups" that focus ALL their expenditures on political purposes. Their interest in being mentioned is to further attack the American President; they care more about how they can damage him than how they can help the victims. Here's their spending record:

Anyone who signs their petition should be ashamed at the gullibility with which they will sign anything. If you want to encourage your senators and representatives, get their email addresses here and do it properly. Don't be misled by some shadowy sham group pursuing only their own interests.

May God have mercy on the survivors.

Sat Jan 01, 12:38:00 PM IST