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Monday, 3 January, 2005

Aceh: Many Victims of the Tsunami Likely to be Amputated

Translated from Aceh Media Center

Monday, January 3 2005, 17.18 by Tami Kusnadi

Highlights from the article.

Since the wounds of many of the victims of the tsunami had not been treated for so many days, it is likely that many of them would have to lose their feet, hands and fingers through amputation in order to save their lives. Today alone 5 amputations were carried out at Kesdam Hospital and the number of amputations is expected to increase. However, the lack of doctors has led to many patients waiting for a long time and suffering extraordinary pain in the meantime. Today, a few more doctors from Malaysia and Singapore were seen helping at the hospital.
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Blogger Shriyan said :

Shipment of cloths goin to Sri Lanka from Miami, If you living in Florida, Pls contact me if anyone wants to send some good condition cloths.

Mon Jan 03, 09:00:00 pm IST  
Blogger Eilir said :

A possible source of help, in the long-term:

Shriners Hospitals for Children (http://www.shrinershq.org) is a charity hospital system where pediatric orthopaedic, burn, and spinal cord injury care is provided to children 0-18 at no cost. The closest hospitals to the disaster are in Honolulu, Hawaii (orthopaedic) and Sacramento, California (orthopaedic, burn, and SCI). There are 22 hospitals total, including one in Montreal and one in Mexico City.

Shriners provides care to children from outside the North America area; sometimes other organisations partner in getting the child to a hospital for further treatment. Care includes surgery, orthoses, prostheses, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. The goal is to provide the child and adolescent with whatever he or she may need to live a full and productive life.

or in Canada, 1.800.361.7256

Mon Jan 03, 09:30:00 pm IST  
Blogger hangwu said :

eilir - do you mind writing to them asking them to help? I already wrote to an amputee organisation to request them to help.

Mon Jan 03, 10:45:00 pm IST  
Blogger hangwu said :

shriyan - I think Sri Lanka doesnt need old clothes. the cost of shipping it would be prohibitive. Besides it would be better for the local economy of clothes are purchased in sri lanka. cash donations is still the best.

Mon Jan 03, 10:47:00 pm IST