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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Clothes that are required by the victims

After speaking to people who have come back from the relief camps across South India, there seems to be a realisation that the victims do not require western wear that city folks wear. Instead of sending glitter tasseled skirts and minis and worn out tee shirts, please concentrate on sending the following:

Indian Style Gowns
Indian Style Petticoats

Bedsheets are welcome too.

Please coordinate with the various NGOs and organisations listed on this blog and understand what they want instead of dumping everything on them

Hope this explains to everyone the "clothes" problem that many wrote / spoke to me about.
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Blogger Kenny said :

Hey guys! I wanted to ask you guys a question, and please answer it. I am currently a sophmore in high school, and wanted to know how I could help. I have no support at the momment, but plan to do this with some friends and myself. What do you think I should get the most (clothes, water, etc) Email me PLEASE with help and support. Thank you SO MUCH.

Tue Jan 04, 09:58:00 am IST  
Blogger Taran said :

Kenny, just read the above message again. :-)

Tue Jan 04, 11:20:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wed Jan 05, 01:23:00 am IST