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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Emotional support for the Tsunami victims in TN

Another matter that came after speaking to people who have been at the relief camps is that most victims of the disaster need emotional support more than the food and money that is anyways being collected.I am trying to put together a small team of people who would be willing to go down to the areas in Tamil Nadu / Nicobar and help with providing counselling or maybe just talk to the survivors, specially children.At this stage this is just an idea and those interested may write in to me at sunilrnair@writers.net

I am based in Mumbai and hence for the sake of logistics I would be concentrating in coordinating the teams for this effort from Mumbai.

Sunil R Nair

PS I needed to delete the earlier post due to some unwanted comments
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Blogger Katie said :

i want to help!i don't know how to contact any organisations though!i'm willing to be on the field in any of the affected countries. i've had experience in food preparation, distribution, clothing distribution (all for mainly homeless and street people in australia) please help me to help!
i'm currently in the philippines so it's very easy for me to travel to any of the affected areas. contact me at

Tue Jan 04, 03:21:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Dear Sunil,
This is superb work that your'e doing.
I went to Nagapattinam on the 31st of dec with a truckload of material. My reason for going was simple. I wanted to make sure that my money was going to the people who needed it. I coordinated with the Sneha Fundation who kindly sent two volunteers with me to Kallar, a fishing village 5 km from Nagapattinam town with a population of 2000. It was a very emotional and heartrending scene. I wont go into the details of the destruction because that's on all the news channels.I distributed my supplies after consultation with the Kallar panchayat.This is very important to get the supplies to the people who need them. I'm going back on saturday with more supplies.

I have a couple of observations to make base on my experience in Kallar.
Ther seems to be major distribution problems in Nagapattinam. Anyone making contributions of money should be very careful and infact hold on to it because it's quite likely that the money will vanish at this point. The displaced populations have no idea whatsoever of their future. The government hasn't given them land elsewhere and neither have they been told if it's ok to build again on thir old houses. Old clothes are not welcome at all. I saw at least 300 tonnes, yes 300 tonnes at the very least, of old clothes spread across the villages and the roads, some even being burnt. There is a deep communal divide between the fisherfolk and the devars and Gowndars who are their nieghbours so much so that the neighbours(untouched by te Tsunami) havent lifted a finger to help them.
The politicians come and go and I would suggest that anyone interested in helping do not give their money to the Government. Instead form groups, visit NAgapattinam and in consultation with the NGOs who are only too happy to let you supervise the distribution of the material you bring yourselves. Find out yourselves what these people need and arange supplies from nearby towns or Chennai. DONT LET YOUR CONTRIBUTION GO TOWARDS FUNDING THE POLITICIAN"S NEW HOUSE.

Tue Jan 04, 03:34:00 PM IST  
Blogger reena said :


if you are from mumbai / delhi and want to send help in kind - visit the above site for collection centres of Goonj where relief material can be handed over.

Hopefully politicians would not build homes out of our Water Purification Tablets...

Tue Jan 04, 03:40:00 PM IST