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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Information On Where to Donate from NY-Based HRW Staffer

From Nisha, NY-based staffer at Human Rights Watch (crossposted at Progressive Change for Tsunami Victims):

The following is a list of recommended local NGOs in SE and South Asia. It is not a comprehensive list, but provides contact information for some of the main local aid coalitions. My colleagues and I have worked with many of these organizations or otherwise know their work well. In addition to major international relief organizations, these local and national NGOs are mobilizing their grassroots networks to distribute aid and to begin the long process of reconstruction. These organizations often have longstanding networks and relationships with the affected communities, and excellent familiarity and experience in the region.

I urge people to give generously. If you usually give $20 to such efforts, think about a $100 donation. If you usually donate $100, think about $500. The need is great and the recovery process complicated and long. Some of these organizations accept credit card donations online, others need to have the money wired to them. I will be wiring funds to groups in Indonesia and Sri Lanka—so anyone interested can feel free to contact me at:

Nisha Varia
nisha DOT varia AT gmail DOT com


A group of NGOs have created the Civil Society Coalition for Tsunami Victims. They are accepting money, food, medicine, and clothing. The members include Kontras, SHMI, Imparsial, Aceh Kita, JMP-KWI, Walhi, LBH Apik, Amos, Yappika, Kalyanamitra, TRuK, AWG, Ciliwung, SEGERA, and LPPI.

For logistical ease, funds can be sent to Kontras. They can also be sent by credit card through Greengrants.org which is matching up to $25,000 in donations (be sure to mark "Sumatra" or "Indonesia" in the online form if you want the funds going specifically to Indonesia). If anyone wants contact info for any of the other groups, let me know.


Kontras Secretariat
JL. Borobudur No. 14
Menteng, Central Jakarta
Contact : Mus: 0815-9649542; Arie: 0815-6867741 Money can be wired to their bank account in Jakarta:
Bank Name: Bank BII Proklamasi Branch
Bank Address: Jalan Proklamasi, Jakarta, Indonesia Bank Account: Rupiah Account 2-072-267-196 Swift No: IBB KIDJAA

A second grassroots group organizing relief efforts is Solidaritas Perempuan.
They focus on poor women. Funds can be wired to the following account:
Solidaritas Perempuan
Account Number : (USD)
Perserikatan Solidaritas Perempuan
Swift Code: ABN - AIDJA
Bank Name: ABN AMRO BANK N.V. Jakarta Main Branch Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 23 - 24 Jakarta 10029 Indonesia PO.BOX 2950 Phone : 62 - 21 - 2312777
Fax: 62 - 21 - 2313222


The Foundation for Co-Existence (FCE), Sewa Lanka Foundation (SLF) and the National Anti-War Front (NAWF) have jointly formed the Civil Society Initiative for Relief and Reconstruction to organize emergency relief and humanitarian aid. Each organization has a strong presence in these regions through their branch offices, Island wide networks of over 1000 civil society organizations in peace building and development activities, and a combined staff capacity of over 500.

Total accountability and transparency and non discriminatory services are ensured in this relief and reconstruction effort. All contributions will be acknowledged with a receipt.

The bank account details are as follows:

Bank: HSBC
Address: Colpetty Branch, 51A Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka
Account Name: Foundation for Co-Existence – Disaster Fund
Account Number: 003-078219-003

Please feel free to e-mail us for further information or clarification: FCE - tsunamiaid AT fcoex DOT com or foundation AT fcoex DOT com, NAWF -nawf AT eureka DOT lk, Sewa Lanka – sewahq AT sri DOT lanka DOT net.

Further details about the partner organizations are available via their individual websites:

FCE – http://www.fcoex.com, Sewa Lanka – http://www.sewalanka.org, NAWF – http://www.nawf.lk

Sarvodaya is a Sri Lankan organization with the largest community network in the country. To donate to Sarvodaya online by credit card you may donate directly through the Sarvodaya donation page:


or through the Nonviolent Peaceforce (100% of the money collected at this site will go to Sarvodaya):


To donate via post within the USA, *please send a tax-deductible check made out to:

Sarvodaya USA
5716 Manchester Avenue #3,
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Please note that the check is for the Tsunami disaster.


Association for India's Development is a volunteer group based in the U.S. that regularly funds grassroots development and human rights groups in India. They have already starting sending emergency funds through their networks, and they send 100% of donated funds. At the moment they are matching donated funds dollar for dollar.

Tax-deductible contributions to AID can be made through secure on-line credit- card deductions from AID's website: http://survivors.aidindia.org where further details and updates will also be made available. Please indicate that your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund". Contributions can also be sent by check made payable to "AID" mailed to:

P.O. Box F
College Park, MD-20741, USA.
(Please indicate "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund" in the check memo)

For additional information call: 1-888-TALK-2-AID or (301) 422-4441 or email: info AT aidindia DOT org

Web: http://survivors.aidindia.org, Email: info AT aidindia DOT org, Phone: 1-888- TALK-2-AID
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

The organization names you have given, especially for India are US based NGOs - like AID. They dont have any grass-roots volunteers and the money ends up in funding communist parties of south India.

1) They have yet not given names of the NGOs they have funded/will fund
2) The number of volunteers are very less - in tens!! look at their website (www.aidindia.org), read the reports and count!

Please donate to organizations which tell where your donations will go - like Chinmaya Mission, BAPS (swaminarayan), Seva International, IDRF

Wed Jan 05, 12:05:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

AID has indulged in deception and quietly removed the reference to DYFI from its website. This proves that they are all CHEATS!

Also, NOT a SINGLE AID volunteer touched a dead body, but they are claiming credit for organizing removal of dead bodies by standing next to those who remove dead bodies!

Wed Jan 05, 01:17:00 AM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

I'm sorry, but this is ludicrous. I'm going to take the word of a nonpartisan international human rights group with a good reputation as to who the appropriate people are over someone who is advocating giving to groups like IDRF (which is also US based, by the way), sewa international, etc., that allegedly actively support anti-minority measures (see http://www.stopfundinghate.org). I'm sure that the groups you mention will do some okay service work with their money, but in the long run, I think they'll do harm.

AID India has been repeatedly mentioned in many different places by many people I trust as a decent group to give money to because they will make sure it gets to the right places.

Wed Jan 05, 01:17:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

What you 'believe' does not matter. What matters are the facts.

AID has not given a comprehensive list of NGOs that will be supported. DYFI was one of the supported NGOs listed earlier. But with time their name does not show up on AID website following some anti-DYFI articles found online.

AID has yet to publish the number of volunteers working at the grass-roots level (in support with other NGOs). Reports so far confirm that they are in tens. Now explain how hundreds of thousands of dollars can only gather a few volunteers.

All the volunteers are temporary - as per AID appeal they need more volunteers because the ones they had were students and went back to school. I mean come on, wouldnt a donor want complete rehabilitation at the affected places?

It also shows how unproffessional the grass-roots level of AID is.

Think about it. Think about which NGOs are getting the money and their track record. Dont get trapped into some political propoganda against some Hindu groups such as Art of Living, BAPS, Chinmaya Mission etc....

Wed Jan 05, 02:09:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

saurav said "AID India has been repeatedly mentioned in many different places by many people I trust as a decent group to give money to because they will make sure it gets to the right places."


Saurav, i am not sure whats discussion is going on here. But assume i open 100 blogs, hire 100 bloggers who sits day and night updating whats happening in TN, would i feel that organizations is genuine? People want to see real work done, not shopping and blogging.

And , as you said, it was referred by ''people you trust'', and they will be be Marxist orientation as well, since you are one. I don't have anything against Marxist people, but you are trying to start a flame war by listing organization that your 'trusted people' don't like and trying to diverge funds to the orgs you like. Don't you think its unethical? One can open an investigation team and call it as 'Independent Human Rights Org" ,which can divulge all Naxaliites-Communist links which are determental to Indias development. Do you think people are fool?

Why is AID doing so much anti* publicity in the event of this deadly crisis? Have they lost all their self-esteem? Please help the victims, and stop the hatred thread.

Wed Jan 05, 02:14:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Suarav, HRW:

Like always, 'progressives' have again tought people to fight even during the time of disaster.

Just a comment: AID authorities should end this by listing the NGOs they are supporting. Good for donors, volunteers and by-standers.

Wed Jan 05, 02:27:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

AID is also funding RSS (the only political group working at grass-roots) At this point I would like to add that enormity of the problem is so much that one must try and work with every since group that is doing work on the field-whether NGOs, Govt, local unions and organizations, or other youth and women's organizations and even groups that might have some political affiliations. One can not afford to be fussy about working with different groups (as long as they are sincere and work efficiently). What matters now is reaching relief and rehabilitation to all those who need it.


AID - thats what I call true spirit

Wed Jan 05, 04:22:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

The funny thing is that most of the organization calling themseleves Democratic so and so are in India Communist dominated. The Indian communists the faithful lackeys of the Chinese, quote democracy.

Devil quoting scriptures.

sourav, why don't you go to Nagappatinam and dig up dead bodies from the mud. You will not sleep for days because of the nightmare.

You may not be able to offer help to the people who are doing the real work. At least for hraven's sake stop calling them names.

Such propaganda is a blot on the Blogger community.

Wed Jan 05, 08:02:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Lets forget the ideology difference. Since someone posted the link of campaign against IDRF. I have to post link of factul response. Let readers decide.


Wed Jan 05, 12:24:00 PM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

To paraphrase a favorite artist of mine: "Please brother, I've worked too hard for this; no more will I take the pointy end of the stick."

I agree that people ought to make their own reasoned decisions and so here's another resource which addresses many of the claims made by sangh parivar supporters on this website:


Wed Jan 05, 08:22:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :


Once again you are making ad homenian comments. They dont negate or explain comments made in the post earlier:

1) Names & track record of NGOs funded by AID
2) Number of volunteers working at grass-roots level
3) Overhead cost incurred by these paid volunteers
4) Why was a christian organization (National Chritian Council) mentioned as a non-sectarian NGO, whereas, not a single Hindu or Buddhist NGO is even mentioned?

If you are a stuanch follower of truth, you should scrutinize the link you just posted (FAQ section on CSFH). I mean look at the references - all point to the same document. Some are totally misleading - 11 through 14.

The church money sent from US/UK also creats tension in tribal villages. Every other day, local Indian newspapers have articles on how missionaries are forcefully converting tribes in mass numbers (by the way it is a crime to forcefully convert).

Whereas, the CSFH report says 'Sewa Bharati' organized a Diwali celebration in a school - thus a sectarian NGO. Man... I studied in a Catholic school in India and we celebrated Diwali too! Did that make us sectarian? not at all. How do you explain the fact the schools run by RSS also have muslims on its roll?

CSFH is creating a rift between people of different religion and caste - a strategy used by the Britishers, Jinaah and the communist parties all around the world with the sole purpose to - divide and conquer.

Thu Jan 06, 02:46:00 AM IST