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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Summary: How's Your Country Doing On Tsunami Aid?

Crossposted at Progressive Change for Tsunami Victims:

Below is a list, current as of 1/5/05, of what different countries have pledged so far in aid for tsunami afflicted societies (amounts in $US). The sources are various news stories in the mainstream media (AP, AFP, etc.) that are easy to find through Google or Yahoo!News.

[Update 1/6/05: In response to comments, this was not a comprehensive list of world nations and it only applies to governments...just what I could find: for a list of what different Arab countries have given, please visit: http://www.juancole.com/2005/01/middle-eastern-contributions-to.html; sorry for the lack of clarity]

Australia: $810 million
Germany: $674 million
Japan: $500 million
USA: $350 million
Norway: $183 million
France: $103 million
UK: $94 million
Canada: $80 million+ (government matching private citizen contributions)
Sweden: $75.5 million
Denmark: $75 million
Spain: $68 million
China: $64 million
Taiwan: $50 million
South Korea: $50 million
Netherlands: $32 million
Switzerland: $23.5 million
United Arab Emirates: $20 million
Formula One racing champion Michael Schumacher: $10 million
New Zealand: $10 million
North Korea: $150,000
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Besides these contries.. india despite being affected in a major way by tsunami, has donated 23 million $ for the relief efforts .. please include the same in your list..

Thu Jan 06, 09:27:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thu Jan 06, 09:37:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

And what about Israel? Why isn't that country on your list? this is getting ridiculous -- they offered money, supplies, medical help the very first to do so and all we've heard is how they've been turned down by Indonesia. However, according to news on the Radio and TV, they were told Indonesia would accept their money and supplies, but not Israelis? Is that true? And if so, why is the world accepting this? In the time of great tragedy how can differences of religious beliefs matter? Hundreds if thousands of human beings of all ages are either dead, dying, homeless, hungry, etc. and help is turned away? A friend of mine heard about this in France and was appalled, another heard about it here and was appalled and neither was Jewish or Muslim. What is Time doing about this????????

Thu Jan 06, 09:55:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

India despite being affected severely, sent relief worth 23$ to Sri Lanka, sent hospital on ship to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Please include the name of India, else this shows some disparity and narrow mindedness from the part of the webmaster of this site.

Thu Jan 06, 10:11:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

There are two comments I would like to make:

How do the contributions compare on a per capita basis?
How much of this moeny is coming from muslim countries,
seeing that the majority of the countries/individuals
affected are myslim?

Is there a chart to compare this?

Thu Jan 06, 10:37:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

What a onderful world we live in. Regardless of conflicts in teh past, the whole world is there to help

Thu Jan 06, 10:57:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

(sorry for uncompleted previous post)

What a wonderful world we live in! Despite all the conflicts in the past, the whole world has united, even the poorest countries! We should all be very proud of our governments.

Thu Jan 06, 11:02:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

In many ways, it is really not fair to compare some of these country's donations. Obviously there's the per capita and percent of GDP weightings, but national tradition of charitable giving should be taken into account too. In some countries, primarily the US, charity is usually the work of private organizations, due to lower taxes. However, elsewhere, such as in Europe and Japan, charity is the work of the government due to higher taxes. Private US citizens and corporations have donated over $250 million to the relief effort. I would be very interested in knowing how private citizens from other countries compare.

Thu Jan 06, 11:06:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Every people help others based on their financial ability. Money amount thus becomes less important than the willingness to help. There are many who are there at the disastar site helping the affected people with toil and services and these can not be equated with money. The write before asked about individual contribution from other countries ... I would say before writing such comment.. please look though the world wide web ... and search for individual contributions made by citizens of other nations .. In most of ther cases individual contribution is not spoken as they are meant to help others and not to boost that .. we helped with so much money ... Let us stop comparing each other with money ... rather we need to compare with our basic human nature

Thu Jan 06, 11:21:00 AM IST  
Blogger brodders said :

I cannot comment on other countries, I just don't know.
Australians have to date contributed $100 million ($5 per head) privately and the big telethon has yet to take place.

Thu Jan 06, 11:22:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Well, to comment on a couple of comments - in australia, the government and private citizens have been far far more generous than businesses. And it seems the businesses with some of the highest profit margins (banks and telstra for example), have been particularly stingy. Generosity seems to bear little relation to actual wealth.

As far as the comments on Israel - what was that about religious differences not matttering. ie why bring it up in the first place. When thinking about the tsunami and its effects, I for one am more concerned about actual help give, not in applauding those who help. Or is help only given in order to appear well in front of others? What ever happened to just donating what you could, out of a sense of compassion, and not worrying about appearing on an 'honour roll'. They do say disasters can bring out the best and worst in humanity ... and the shades of grey in between.

Thu Jan 06, 11:26:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I guess it's human nature to point at each other and criticise how much each individual, business and country has donated but we need to remember that this is probably going to the largest fundraising event ever and the amounts being collected even in these early days are phenomenal. Rather that criticising one another and asking for praise and recognition we should all just give as much as we can. It is the humble donators like pensioners living on minimal income donating $100 that really shows the spirit of extending the hand of friendship to those in need. As an Australian I am quite proud at the efforts of my country, in the last few hours the govt. has announced they'll give $1 billion dollars and while maybe private businesses are not giving as much as they ate able, they are made up of individuals who are probably donating and after all the govt. got the money it’s donating from the people. Considering the current international climate for war it’s quite reassuring how we can all come together like this.

Thu Jan 06, 11:43:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

regarding selectivness towards certain countries, as first mentionned by the israel post, why is there also no mention of Saudi Arabia's contribution? I think all government contributions, no matter how small, should be noted

Thu Jan 06, 12:09:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

why is everyone so pre-occupied with having their contributions recongnised. Why do we need a pat on the back and a congratulations? Isn't the donation itself given to help simply our of concern for our fellow man or is it to boost public approval, gain press attention and be a political ploy. Just be happy knowing u did something to help. do you want a t-shirt with the amount you donated on it so people will think your a better person?

Thu Jan 06, 12:21:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

One of the poorest countries in the world, East Timor, has contributed $50,000. I think this deserves special mention.

Thu Jan 06, 12:29:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

It is really nice to see all the Arab Oil Countries digging deep into their pockets to help. Especially after all the help they recieved from the world to recover their Country from Iraq or prevent it being taken over!!!


Thu Jan 06, 05:25:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I don't think that the posts about Israel were intended so much to seek a fair share of "praise" or recognition for the donation, as they were intended to highlight that certain religious differences do NOT give way even in the face of disasters of this magnitude. Take a look at http://www.albawaba.com/en/news/178680 for an Arab press report on the situation. http://www.townhall.com/columnists/monacharen/mc20041231.shtml has a good commentary on the situation. For an account of Israeli and other Jewish groups' aid, see http://www.jewishledger.com/articles/2005/01/05/news/on_the_cover/news03.txt .

Thu Jan 06, 07:55:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

The figures given for UK are very wrong!

At Thursday 6th January:

Private UK citizens have so far generated 142 Million USD.
UK Government has made first instalment of 94 Million USD.

Total so far from UK therefore is 236 Million USD.

Both are rising rapidly with every day. The UK government has promised "several hundred million" to be given soon. And that's pounds. Roughtly double that to convert it into US Dollars. UK total likely to be around 1 Billion USD in my opinion.

Best regards - Jag

Thu Jan 06, 09:44:00 PM IST  
Blogger CelticCat said :

Speaking as an American...

George W needs to step it up a bit - the US has only pledged $350 million in aid so far!! Unbelievable. We have probably spent more than that every WEEK for MONTHS on end in Iraq. It's ridiculous.

There are plenty of lower- and middle-class Americans (and others, no doubt) that want to help Tsunami victims in any way possible - I myself would be on a plane to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or elsewhere if I had the means to get over there and assist. Our hearts truly go out to the victims, especially the children.

Thu Jan 06, 10:04:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

we r a country of 20million ppl, we have raised over 100million dollars and the govt now putting in 1billion$

w00ty w00t w00t

and guess what we still got the cricket and telethon to come ^_^

Fri Jan 07, 04:07:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

How can anyone disagree with the posting regarding Isreal and the Indonesian Goverments acceptence of monies, supplies, drugs etc from Isreal and on the other hand refuses to allow any Isreali personel to help. The United States looks down on racial and religious prejudices. Is this any different than a sign saying no Jews or no Blacks allowed. Would we stand for that?

Sun Jan 16, 11:37:00 PM IST