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Sunday, 30 January, 2005

Update from Pune: 30th January

A New Team of Young Postgraduate Student Volunteers Moves to TN

A team of 11 students from Pune and a young lady doctor from Bangalore have reached Kovalam via Madras on 28th January for rehabilitation work. They are to work with AID India in the relief camp upto 5th February. The team comprises of ten postgraduate students from Karve Institute of Social Service, Pune and one from Indira School of Communication, Pune. This is one effort that can be truly called an'individuals'initiative as these enthusiasts are not enlisted by any organisation but for their sheer keenness have been linked up by a relief coordinator with NGO's in Pune and Madras to facilitate their orientation,travel and much required mission. The doctor in question has also been linked up with this team through e-mail and is now with them to provide her voluntary services. Feedback on the team's work would be put up here for the benefit of readers.
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