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Sunday, 30 January, 2005

Update from Pune: 30th January

Maitri's Report on Rehabilitation Work Undertaken

Taking people back to sea: The team based in Chennai has realised that the critical need for Tsunami victims is to rehabilitate them by consolidating their livelihoods systems. The priority therefore is to repair boats and engines, provide basic food support to some of the needy communities. MAITRI therefore calls this as the campaign of "Taking People Back to Sea".

Yesterday (as reported by Shirish Joshi) MAITRI finished repairing 18 engines and 25 boats in the village Vairakuppum. MAITRI volunteers will continue doing this work in two other villages in next couple of days, with the help of local mechanics who have long experience in this type of work. These boats are now ready to sail. One social worker having the experience of working after Latur Earthquake and is now a volunteer, is organising community meetings in Vairakuppum and Koraikuppum.

MAITRI's medical team is continuing its visits to three / four villages every day. These villages are mainly from Kanchipurum District.

Around 10th February, MAITRI will officially hand over the repaired boats to fisherworkers. Those volunteers who are inclined to visit them and talk to them around this time, should contact MAITRI immediately at jayuanil@vsnl.net

MAITRI's programme of a photo-exhibition and sharing of volunteers' experiences was organized in Pune on 26th January. It turned out to be very interactive and educating. One theme that emerged was the need to build the aspect of 'preparedness' within the MAITRI volunteers and develop further capacity of MAITRI volunteers to respond to any such emergency.

For any information on the above, you can also contact vmoorthy@rediffmail.com

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