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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

What can one do to help Tsunami Relief? - Pune Update

What can one do to help Tsunami Relief?

A MAITRI Information bulletin for volunteers
vinitat@vsnl.com or jayuanil@vsnl.net
Contact: Vinita: 94225 21702 / Jayashree: 98231 38888
32, Natraj Society, Karvenagar, PUNE 411 052 Ph: 91 – 20 – 2544 3134
This will be updated every 24 hours! This is dated 4th January 2005 noon
FAQ for volunteers: Version 2:

Where are volunteers required?
We are mainly working with an organization called “Women’s Collective”. We are planning to run a relief camp (Community Kitchen) and continue providing rehabilitation to the village called New Namili - Pudhupattinam 65 kms from Chennai.
What is expected skill set?
At the moment we required following:
Ø Cooking in community kitchen
Ø Basic health care, environmental sanitation, water quality management
Ø Construction of temporary toilets, bathrooms and washing places
Ø Construction of temporary shelters
Ø Relief camp management right from preparing to serve food
Ø Counseling in Tamil
Ø Helping surveying the damages
Ø Cleaning the environment,
Ø Repairing boats
Ø Water purification and hygiene
After sometime:
Ø Same set+
Ø Temporary housing, plumbing

Is it necessary to rush right now?
Yes and no.
We are in touch with another organization called South India Federation of Fishermen's Societies (SIFFS) www.siffs.org. They need doctors and nurses urgently and we are mobilizing them urgently.
This camp would go on for at least 4 to 6 weeks. So you have time and sometimes it happens that volunteers recede after sometime. So if you do not have time now. Wait. Enroll and wait for further suggestion.

What kinds of jobs to be done?
Ø Mainly relief camp management
Ø Fundraising for the next phase of rehabilitation because that is going to be key. Rehabilitation includes construction of semi-permanent housing as well as providing fishnets and boats.

Is it necessary that everybody should go there itself and there is nothing that we could do here?
Lot of things required here too and those services are also very useful and very critical in our own cities or towns or in our companies. Exactly what a small group is doing here in Pune now.
We can do following:
Ø Form support groups in our locality or in our company.
Ø Mobilize relief supplies such as rice or basic household amenities.
Ø Raise money! We need lot of money to run these operations.
Ø Write reports
Ø Help us in running office, help us in creating or managing website
Ø Help the office in replying the queries of donors as well as volunteers

What care need to be taken before going there?
Physical fitness and vaccination as advised by your doctor.
Carry necessary medicines and your own sleeping bag.

With whom MAITRI is coordinating?
With Sheelu of Women’s Collective based in Chennai and in Nagapattinum with South India Federation of Fishermen’s Federation. We are also in touch with 12 other NGOs on daily basis but are yet not started working with them.

For how long the volunteers are required?
Certainly, till end of February or mid of March the volunteers are required. We do not know, if we have sufficient funds for rehabilitation then we may go upto May for rehabilitation and reconstruction.

How many days are expected to work?
Ideally two weeks but you know, because you need a day to understand the process and then you must be able to deliver but if you are short of time then at least one week there. So if you calculate travel time you have to take out 7 to 9 days

What is required of volunteer?
Ø Self-drive and self-sufficiency, good physical as well as emotional fitness is necessary.
Ø Passion and commitment to help disasters, with character to live to the minimum standards of behavior is additional quality required.
Ø It is ideal if the group, which is already known to each other, works together.

Who is coordinating and giving training?
MAITRI has few experts and volunteers who have wide experience in handling post-disaster relief operations. Some of them have international exposure as well as training skills.
Anil Shidore, who worked with OXFAM in several post-disaster works, is a volunteer trainer. Vinita worked in Latur Earthquake Rehabilitation Project. Capt Ashok Gole has long experience, Shirish Joshi and Mangesh, Ganesh have long experience in this type of work. MAITRI has a special working group called MAITRI Emergencies.

MAITRI also needs funding support. Send your cheques or demand drafts, in favor of “MAITRI”.
MAITRI is a registered trust and has mandate to mobilize funds in such emergencies. MAITRI has substantial experience in Bhuj Earthquake Relief and in Melghat for saving lives of newborns since last 8 years.
Send the drafts or cheques to Jayashree, 32, Natraj Society, Karvenagar, PUNE 411 052, INDIA, along with your address. She will send you the required receipt.
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

AID has indulged in deception and quietly removed the reference to DYFI from its website. This proves that they are all CHEATS!

Also, NOT a SINGLE AID volunteer touched a dead body, but they are claiming credit for organizing removal of dead bodies by standing next to those who remove dead bodies!

Wed Jan 05, 01:18:00 AM IST