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Saturday, 5 February, 2005

The Akanksha initiative to rebuild the lives of Tsunami Survivor kids

The Akanksha Foundation (www.akanksha.org) has been working to impact the lives of less privileged children in Mumbai and Pune for the past fourteen years. A few weeks after the Dec 26th tsunami hit, we went down the coast from Chennai to Nagapattinam to talk with children and families about what they needed. As a result of that trip, we came back and developed a one-year activity-based curriculum with the following objectives:

a. to enable children to clearly understand what a tsunami is, why it happened and what to do should it occur again
b. to get children to express their emotions, help them cope with their grief, and re-build their confidence
c. to enable children to get over their fear of the sea and reconnect with the sea
d. to enable children and teachers to support each other as they rebuild their lives

The package is in 3 parts:

a. The Giving Sea: Activities for Elementary, Middle and High School Students
b. The Giving Sea: Story and Colouring Book for Students
c. The Old Man and the Sea: Story and Colouring Book for Students

Akanksha is keen to print and give free of cost both these books (with individual copies of b. and c. for each child) as well as the art work, stationary and other materials needed to complete the activities. Akanksha will also provide an explanation/training for teachers to be able to use these materials effectively.

Akanksha is also happy to give schools any thing else that they have lost and require. Lastly, to make schools bright and cheerful, Akanksha would like to paint classrooms, put up display board and paint murals in each class.

It is our belief that each school can play a critical role in making children and teachers feel safe and supported, and we would like to do whatever we can to aid this process.

For more information please contact us on 9821058665 and shaheen@vsnl.com (Shaheen) or 9821325662 and sriram@akanksha.org (Sriram). All the manuals are also available to be downloaded from our website www.akanksha.org
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