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Sunday, 13 February, 2005

Tsunami reveals stone scriptures

February 12, 2005 21:05 IST (Source: Rediff.com)

The tsunami that hit the Tamil Nadu coastline in December has brought to light a block of stone carvings, which was underwater, near the Shore Temple in Mamallapuram.

According to officials, the Archaeological Survey of India has decided to study the sculptures -- of lions, a horse and a miniature shrine.

A team of officials and photographers from Delhi will start a technical underwater survey next month, the offcials added.

When the tsunami struck Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram, waves over 30 feet in height pounded the shore and filled the temple with sand. When the waves receded, they took away a good portion of the sand. "The shoreline has now become notably shallower," a fisherman said.

One of the survivors claimed that "a temple is visible under the sea from where I sit". He added that the officials had not given much thought to the excavation then.
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