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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

A Global Internet Community Comes To Aid of Those In Need

"The modern world has never before witnessed a natural disaster of the magnitude of the tsunami that hit Asia in late December 2004," writes Vinay Bhagat for ephilanthropy.org. "Each day since the tidal wave struck has brought increases in death tolls and more stories of devastated towns and lives.  The groundswell of response from governments, corporations and individuals – with more than $5 billion committed to date – is likely to set a record for relief fundraising.  And although people around the world have demonstrated tremendous generosity to date, we are still at the cusp of sustained development fundraising efforts and pressures mount daily for more international government funding.  An unprecedented flow of information and opinions is helping to stimulate government grants and individual giving.  But beyond being an efficient vehicle for fundraising, the Internet is playing a huge role in raising awareness, motivating consumer response and encouraging governments to give more."

"The role of the Internet on tsunami relief fundraising has been particularly significant in the United States," he continues.  "Many relief agencies are receiving multiples online relative to other channels.  I was in the United Kingdom when the tsunami struck.  Almost immediately, an umbrella organization called the Disasters Emergency Committee was mobilized to unify all fundraising efforts.  By contrast, fundraising efforts in the states have been much more fragmented.  Consequently, brand awareness has played a large role in influencing the flow of funds to well known groups such as the Red Cross.  Online marketing efforts by relief agencies, particularly lesser known ones, also have significantly impacted their fundraising effectiveness."
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Sounds like profiting from a natural disaster to me - The comments on the magnitude of the disaster are valid - not so the shameless plugging for online fundraising - as the former CEO of a company that sells software for online fundraising. Where does your corporate evangelism end? Where does genuine feeling start. But I forget - everything was always a political morass of contempt at your company -

Sat Jan 29, 01:28:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

In my previous comment I was alluding to Convio, the company founded by vinay bhagat - the tsunami that hit Asia and Africa was an immensely tragic disaster - it is too bad, that the likes of this man choose to profit from it -

Sat Jan 29, 01:33:00 am IST