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Thursday, 27 January, 2005

Tsunami Song & its Aftermath

Here is a post that describes what is going with the so-called Tsunami Song, and the outrage it has generated. We have linked to an Mp3 of the radio clip, which is a lot like broadcasting, in my opinion.

Protests have succeeded, apparently, and the song is off air on Hot97. However, it's freely available and gaining popularity very rapidly via the internet. You really cannot stop information that wants to spread. Also, banning any kind of speech should not be an option since it only makes the song even more popular.

We have seen the rapidly waning interest of BigMedia in the "tsunami story", they're back to selling soap.

So one positive consequence of this offensive song is that it has put the tragedy right back into the immediate global consciousness. This is a desirable effect. We need to keep the global focus on fixing the tsunami's mess. We need art, even if offensive, to portray what happened, even if it seems tasteless to some people.

Lest we forget.

I may not agree with what you say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it. - Voltaire (French philosopher)
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Blogger John said :

I too support an individual's right to free speech but the extent to which this 'parody' was obscene and offensive goes way beyond poor judgement or poor taste.

I only heard about this whole issue today and after hearing the offending song, I have been motivated to write letters to the FCC, Emmis Communications, WQHT as well as sponsor of the show - Sprint/PCS. In the extended version of the show that I heard, one of the on air staff made a point of reminding the listeners that that part of the show was sponsored by Sprint/PCS. He said it twice.

An individual is heard to say "I'm going to go kill me a chink' in the song."

We are only a few years removed from the genocide in Africa that was coordinated through the use of the public radio stations in that country by those doing the 'ethnic cleansing'.

While I agree with Voltair that free speech is a valuable freedom to be defended - it also comes with a responsibility and consequences for its misuse.

Those responsible for this outrage should be fired and never be given a platform for their hate mongering again. The station should be fined. The FCC needs to actually DO something and punish this station and it's owners.

As listeners and consumers, we can do our part by letting Sprint/PCS know how we feel about their sponsorship of such outrageousness. While Sprint/PCS may not have had a direct hand in the production of this filth, the station could not exist without sponsors buying time on the station. Without the revenue from advertising, they can't buy the electricity to run the transmitter. Without the transmitter they are just anoither room full of terribly sad individuals engaging in obscene behavior - but at least we are not subjected to it.

Give me Janet Jackson's breast or Howard Stern's sexually nasty sophomoric humor anyday.

Fri Jan 28, 10:17:00 am IST