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Monday, 17 January, 2005

UK Radio Aid: Tsunami Fundraiser

Commercial radio stations across the UK will put their differences aside today, as they unite to support the Tsunami Victims with a unified broadcast. UK Radio Aid is a unique national commercial radio station that will specifically focus on raising money for the children affected by the Asian Tsunami and support them as they to start to rebuild their lives and look to the future.

In an unprecedented collaboration various radio groups and stations, including oneword, will suspend broadcast of their usual schedules from 0600hrs to 1800hrs (Today, January 17, 2005) , and air one single star-studded programme to an estimated audience of over 26 million listeners, the biggest ever UK commercial radio audience.

Participating stations have agreed to launch the appeal by each donating one day's profits. This initial donation will be supported and built upon by asking listeners to donate one hour of their time or money to the appeal. With the support of Prime Minister Tony Blair, some of the biggest names in radio history alongside other major politicians, musicians, sports and TV stars are being asked to take part in the 12 hour broadcast that will be aired live. Each hour of programming will be hosted by two guest DJs who will introduce live acoustic sets, guest interviews, competitions, auctions, pledges, messages and news breaks.

To donate by phone call: 0870 512 22 88
Text "radio" to 83321 and £1.50 will be donated to the appeal
To donate online visit www.ukradioaid.com

Read the UK AFP Article on this fundraiser
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am part of an organization called please do something we are raising money to buy schools in Asia

Fri Jan 28, 04:09:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

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