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Sunday 16 January, 2005

Get Active - Fundraising trends

BERKELEY, CA - January 14, 2005 - With over $350 million donated over the Internet to tsunami disaster relief efforts to date, nonprofit fundraisers are observing four trends in online giving, reports GetActive Software, Inc., a company that provides web-based relationship management services to nonprofits such as CARE USA, Oxfam America and Save the Children USA. GetActive's clients have raised over $30 million online since the disaster struck Southeast Asia:

- a large percentage of relief agency financial support is coming via the

- a vast majority of gifts to relief agencies are from new donors;

- more than half of new online donors are asking to not be contacted again
by relief agencies;

- nonprofits of all sizes are collecting relief funds online.

The most notable online giving trend is that a large percentage of relief agency support is coming via the Internet. Three GetActive clients - Save the Children USA, CARE USA and Oxfam America - are reporting that 31%, 38% and 80% respectively of total tsunami giving have come via their Websites.

GetActive provides services to numerous organizations involved in tsunami disaster relief including: Acumen Fund, CARE USA, Center for Inquiry, Heifer International, NetAid, Oxfam America, Save the Children USA, The Humane Society of the United States, The Shawnee Institute, United Animal Nations,and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

GetActive is closely monitoring fundraising trends in the wake of the tsunami disaster, and makes its findings available online at http://www.getactive.com/tsunamirelief/ .

For more information, visit www.getactive.com or call 202.659.2791.

Michael Stein, GetActive Software
P: (510)-540-4772 x.2105; mstein@getactive.com
Michael Stein | Media & Communications Strategist
GetActive Software, Inc.
2855 Telegraph Ave., Suite 600; Berkeley, CA 94705
v 510 540 4772 ext 2105 | f 510 540 4163
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