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Tuesday, 28 December, 2004

"The Hindu Relief Fund" from Hindu group of publications

A relief fund has specially been set up to receive contributions, which may be sent as cheques or drafts payable to "The Hindu Relief Fund."
Send to:
Kasturi Buildings
859 Anna Salai
Chennai 600 002

You may also use your credit card to make the contribution online at http://pay.hindu.com/thrfpay/thrfpay.jsp
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Thanks a lot for the blog and for all the info.

Folks donating to the Hindu relief fund on their
website: please be patient. The ICICI bank
transaction was slow and failed a few times. Keep
trying till it works. It worked for me at the 3rd

You can also send a check to this address:

Prime Minister's National Relief Fund
Embassy of India
Attn: Head of Chancery
2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Tue Dec 28, 03:38:00 am IST  
Blogger Ganesh S said :

Try to donate throguh this link please dont change your mind after trying twice through icici bank any penny you help would be of great help for the needy

Tue Dec 28, 07:33:00 am IST