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Friday, 31 December, 2004

Overhead costs of international relief organisations

Karthik has a list of international organizations for disaster relief that he has segregated by overhead costs.

Below, I've highlighted in blue those organizations with less than a 10% overhead rate, and in orange those organizations above the 10% mark, but that may still be worthy of your consideration. For instance, the Doctors Without Borders organization has a high overhead rate, but presumably this is because it's more expensive to have doctors on staff than other kinds of disaster relief workers. Still, their website does not have as much transparency as one would like, in terms of how and where they spend their money. Also, Oxfam also has a high overhead rate -- again, making me curious why this is so. Some, like Save the Children were a surprising find (not one of the 'usual suspects' that people had emailed me about). Apparently, they had the "largest international organization presence" in the Aceh Province when the tsunami hit (see their web site below). Also, note that AmeriCares has one of the lowest overhead rate, at 1.5%.

Read more here.
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Blogger Fyre said :

wow...this is an awesome blog. I cried for hours when i heard about the tsunami and quake...the videos scared me to death. I want to do anything to help.
I will pray for the people

Fri Dec 31, 01:14:00 PM IST  
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Thanks so much for your help!

Fri Dec 31, 01:19:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

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Fri Dec 31, 02:00:00 PM IST