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Saturday, 29 January, 2005

India: Special Tsunami relief package for fishermen

The Government today announced a special Rajiv Gandhi Tsunami Relief Package for distressed fishermen even as it directed the banks to speedily clear the loan applications of people in the tsunami-hit areas.

The Union Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, outlined the package at a meeting with the chief executives of 27 public sector banks. He said the new scheme would provide a subsidised financial package for the affected fishermen.

In addition, he directed the banks to clear the loan applications of those in tsunami-hit areas within 48 hours and restructure their debts. The Government will provide interest and capital subsidies to the banks giving loans to fishermen affected by the tsunami, according to the Financial Sector Secretary, N.S. Sisodia.

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Blogger Matthew said :

I know this is unrelated to your article in this post, but I was wondering what you thought of the NY radio station named Hot 97. They recently put a song making fun of the tragedy, which is being greatly talked about at http://www.hiphopmusic.com.

I figured this might be worth something to discuss and talk about.

Sat Jan 29, 03:14:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

It seems that there has been a very few reports and stories from Indonesia in your space, despite the fact Indonesia is the worst hit country. That's the problem with the English-based flow of information that has created so much distorted views of the world.

I suggest you to be more active in recruiting people who can translate Indonesian into English, to give the disaster reports more comprehensive.


Tue Feb 22, 08:33:00 pm IST