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Monday, 3 January, 2005

Long list of volunteers available on blog

A growing list of volunteers from across the world are accumulating all over the main and sub blogs and we are trying our best to collate them here at Tsunami Help Offered Blog. Organisations seeking help with specific skill sets or in specific countries should keep an eye directly on this sub-blog.

Volunteers willing to work in Sri Lanka
Volunteers willing to work in Thailand
Volunteers willing to work in India
Volunteers willing to work in Indonesia
Volunteers for and from Malaysia
Volunteers from Singapore
Volunteers with experience in medical services
Volunteers with experience in building and construction
Individual volunteers on blog (1)
Individual volunteers on blog (2)
Individual volunteers on blog (3)
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Blogger positivemind said :

links seems to be broken.

Mon Jan 03, 11:38:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

From the staff at www.tugme.com we would like to say thanks for making a very informative blog!!! We have donated $3,500 so far and would like to encourage every visitor to donate to this aweful tragedy.

Tue Jan 04, 12:33:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hello, My name is Adam Kirkpatrick, I live in Wyoming in the United States. I'd like to volunteer for any manual labor needed, I have some carpentry skill and am willing to do what ever is needed wherever it is needed. Please contact me at gamerx10@hotmail.com

Tue Jan 04, 03:00:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I would like to volunter,My name is howard,i am an american form brooklyn NY and am a 48 y/o male in fine health with many skills,including management ofprojects,building aid ect.I CAN BE REACHED AT portsea123@yahoo.com.

I would like to work with an established group.

Tue Jan 04, 08:49:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am Sumatran, living in England for seven years, fluent in Indonesian and English, fully qualified carpenter experienced in construction. I am self-employed, so can come when needed to help in Indonesia. Can any organisation use me in construction projects, where my language skills could also be useful?
Email me Jefris c/o: r.l.jones@sussex.ac.uk

Tue Jan 04, 06:26:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

i am nikhil from bangalore.age-19.i am willing to work as a volunteer anywhere .i am strong and healthy. i really want to help. i can come from 20th of january and be there for 2 months .i can speak english and hindi clearly. please help . please contact me at nik_rock1985@yahoo.co.in.

Wed Jan 05, 04:24:00 pm IST