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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

The LTTE reaches out

31th December, Kilinochchi : Representatives of over 60 international NGOs gathered in Kilinochchi yesterday to listen to the leader of the LTTE’s Political Wing, S P Thamilchelvam appeal for more aid for relief work in their areas. He also outlined the LTTE’s thre step plan for responding to the disaster – meeting the immediate needs of the displaced people, sanitizing the area (including disposing of bodies) and finally rebuilding and reconstruction work in the damaged areas.

He also reminded the gathering that reconstruction work continuing in the Mullaitivu District since the ceasefire agreement three years has been almost completely erased. The orphanages maintained by the LTTE to provide care for war orphans too have been badly damaged by the Tsunami. At that Senthalil Orphanage in Mullaitivu
only 5 of 150 children survived.

Also speking to the NGO representatives in Kilinochchi, Miguel Bermoe, the United Nations Resident Representative for Sri Lanka stated that if this tragedy taught the Government and the LTTE how to work together then at least some good would have come out of it. Even though the Government and the LTTE have maintained the ceasefire for the past three years, tensions between the two groups has been rising and fears of a return to war have been on the increase all over the island.

Speaking to the media after the meeting Thamilchelvam said that they had received several solid proposals from the Government on how best to coordinate relief efforts and that they had replied to them positively. Responding to a journalist’s question as to whether they could trust the Government, Thamilchelvam said that ‘trust is not even a question’. Many civil society observers note that this is perhaps the most positive gesture made by the LTTE since the signing of the ceasefire agreement.

Meanwhile Hareem Peiris, advisor to President Chandrika Bandaranaike-Kumarathunge, also arrived in Kilinochchi in the same helicopter as the UN representatives. He was rushed off from the airfield in an LTTE vehicle and his discussions with the LTTE seemed to be completely confidential.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :


"This event is easy for scientists to explain, but very hard for
theologians to explain," said a Jewish rabbi. "God has knowledge, and
God controls the universe, but the question is: 'To what extent?' "

The tsunami may be part of a huge divine plan humans are too frail to
understand, said an Islamic preacher. "We can't fathom the wisdom of
the creator," he said. "We have to bring out the positive humanity in
all of us and try to help instead of questioning the scheme of

The world has been an imperfect place since Adam and Eve betrayed God
and were forced out of the Garden of Eden, said a Christian pastor.
So tsunamis happen, people get cancer, accidents occur. "The hardest
thing for all of us to live with is the suffering that goes on in the
world. These are forces of nature that happen, and we accept them in
our lives. The Christian reaction should be, 'How do I use this to
return to the Lord and rectify my life?' "

Hindu and Buddhist philosophies are more accepting of the potential of
natural disaster than are Jeiwsh, Christian or Moslem theologies.

"There are things that are going to happen that are not going to be so
pleasant, but that is just part of totality," said a Hindu teacher.
"We pray in these sad events to console the departed soul and the
families and hope that the next journey will be more pleasant than
this one."

The leader of a Buddhist Association said:
"We will pray and chant for the people who are suffering and for those
who have died." She said the disaster reinforces the Buddhist
philosophy that nothing is permanent.

"These are forces of nature that happen, and we accept them in our
lives," he said. "The Christian reaction should be, 'How do I use this
to return to the Lord and rectify my life?' "

Sat Jan 01, 11:06:00 am IST  
Blogger Jeremy said :

Two Americans with experience with trauma survivors are willing to come to Sri Lanka to help in any way. Maybe good with any western survivors or just rebuilding and digging out. Please contact at jcs3862@aol.com

Sat Jan 01, 10:07:00 pm IST