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Sunday, 23 January, 2005

Tsunami cost Aceh a generation and $4.4bn

The first comprehensive study of the damage caused by the tsunami in Indonesia reveals a devastated society and a staggering number children killed and orphaned.

The study by the World Bank and Indonesian government estimates the total bill for the destruction of property and businesses at more than $4.4bn (£2.34bn).

About 700,000 people are homeless, and farmers, fishermen and others with small businesses have lost their liveli hoods and cannot rebuild because they have no income.

"The scale of the damages to the local economy, infrastructure, and administration were unprecedented. In an instant, the livelihoods and security of hundreds of thousands of the survivors were ruined," the joint report says.

It concludes that only a massive international effort can rebuild the devastated areas.

Read the Full Article at The Guardian

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Blogger Andr√© said :

It was shonking to read that we spend 3 billion USD for studying a far away planet.

The Preacher

Sun Jan 23, 05:23:00 pm IST