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Thursday, 6 January, 2005
Tsunami Relief Concert
Thursday, January 6th 7:15 - 11:00 pm
New York City
BL'VD (at Crash Mansion) - 199 Bowery Street (at Spring Street)
Contact: Suneet Bhatt - 201-759-6175 - suneet@gmail.com
Pramit Sheth - 917-414-9459 - pramitsheth@gmail.com
Amit V. Shah - amitshah@gmail.com
Confirmed Artists- Master of Ceremonies/ Comedian Kabir Kamboh http://www.kabirkamboh.com/

Timing /Genre /Artist /Relevant Links
20:00 Singer/ Songwriter Tina Sugandh http://ww.tinasugandh.com
10:00 Poet Carlos Andres Gomez http://ww.excelanoproject.com
15:00 Singer/ Songwriter Aalok Mehta http://ww.musicaalok.com
15:00 Singer/ Songwriter Sparlha Swa http://www.sparlhaswa.com/
10:00 Poet Blue Great http://www.poetryisalive.com
5:00 Poet Keith Boogie http://www.nypoets.com/Poets/brown_k.htm
15:00 Drummer/ Composer Sunny Jain http://www.jainsounds.com
5:00 Poet Angel http://www.nypoets.com/Poets/angel.htm
5:00 Poet Hostage 5:00 Poet Helena D. Lewis http://www.nypoets.com/Poets/helena.htm

15:00 Singer/ Songwriter Kevin Dowdell
15:00 Singer/ Songwriter Nishi Rajan
5:00 Dancer Monica Dogra
5:00 Singer/Poet Monica Dogra
5:00 Comedian J. P. Grant
10:00 Singer Joslyn
5:00 Singer Roy Simpson
5:00 Classical Musician Shalini Sekhar And many more.
A SmileyFacePants Production

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Blogger kumanderalex said :

My name is Alex Argote, Im from the Philippines. My blogspot is alipingbayan.blogspot.com. Like most deeply concerned Earthlings, I'm also emotionaly devastated by the horrific calamity that has struct South Asia when a terrible tsunami wrought havoc and unspeakable carnage in coastal areas of Thailand, Sumatra, India, Sri lanka, Maldives and Somalia. Andaman islands is also no more. I'm grateful to God that our country was spared this tragedy.

In view of the tsunami cataclysm, may I humbly offer my own suggestion in lessening the force of future tsunamis. My suggestion is this- if possible, let governments dig sufficiently deep moats in strategic distance from the seas or shorelines so as to effectively lessen force of tsunami before it reaches main line of buildings and houses. I know it sounds absurd, but along with constructing houses and buildings about 500 meters from the shores, this may lessen destruction and deaths..

Thu Jan 06, 07:51:00 PM IST  
Blogger Maseman said :

Alex is right, his idea is absurd. A more realistic aproach to reduce casualties would be to strengthen communication lines to the areas in danger, and also have planned and rehearsed evactuation procedures.

-Mase Garland, www.maseman.blogspot.com

Thu Jan 06, 08:29:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

It is amazing how a benfit concert got scheduled quickly after the disaster. Hopefully the money raised will be put to good use.

Thu Jan 06, 09:55:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Ideas are never stupid. I am pleased that you open yourself to all the possibilities.

Moat type diversions have actually been used before for other flooding or for re-routing lava from volcanoes. You are not being farfetched in spite of the unfriendly comments from one of the readers.

Keep on doing what your doing its right and good to try to do anything we can to aid the people of the world in dealing with the tragedy. We are all uncertain because we know it could have happened to any of us.

Coming together talking about it and working together to help the directly affected people is a wonderful way to be a true world citizen.
Thanks Debra

Fri Jan 07, 03:10:00 AM IST