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Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Comment-spam warning

Hi. This is just to warn you that thanks to this blog's high rankings and incoming links, most posts have been infested with comment spam. So, when you open a post that shows you a large number of comments, please be be warned that the very large number of links in the spam comments will make the page very slow to load, and cause it to scroll down interminably. In extreme cases, your browser could show script errors, crash or even hang your machine.

Unfortunately, Blogger makes it easier to comment-spam than it does to delete the darn things. We don't have the time to delete this crap comment by comment, though we do try and clean up in small bursts. Until we do, this post will stay up as a warning.

Should you wish to contact any of the blog team, please scroll down to the "contributors" section in the sidebar and click through to their pages, where some may have contact info listed, or click on from there to their blogs, where you can leave a comment.

While this blog is no longer kept updated, it has been left online as a historical record and an aid to researchers and academics. The group blogs about ongoing disaster relief efforts all over the world at World Wide Help, and has a newsgroup and even a Facebook Group you can join.

Thank you.