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Saturday 15 January, 2005

AID cautions community on misrepresentation in fundraising

Association for India's Development (AID) wishes to caution the community to be circumspect about independent events or solicitation being made in the name of AID for Tsunami relief efforts. As reports of fraud, misrepresentation and solicitation by fly-by-night operators trying to make a fast-buck in the name of Tsunami-relief are emerging in the media in general, it has to our notice in possibly two separate instances that AID and its well-wishers might be the victims of such tactics as well.

In one incident, a club/party organizer in Washington DC has sent misleading emails to potential patrons that proceeds from an event will go to AID. Such a solicitation was made without AID's knowledge, authorization or consent. In a separate incident, AID's logo and banner for Tsunami relief was being used to sell questionable merchandise in at a popular online auction site. Again in this instance, this has been done without AID's knowledge, authorization or consent.

Read full report here
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Great work AID! We should, however, be cautions not to favor a political movement too. We know that DYFI & SFI are helping us a great deal at the grass-roots level, but over time they might ask us to support/fund their political agendas - i.e. to enrich communist parties.

For example, we might be asked to further Marx/Lenin ideology in our education relief programs.

This will greatly discredit our mission that we are a non-partisan NGO.

Sat Jan 15, 01:36:00 am IST