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Thursday, 13 January, 2005

Disaster Relief Blog for Phuket, Thailand - Day 2

Following up on our post two days ago on a first person's account about his disaster relief effort in Phuket, Thailand, the blogger has updated his site with a new post about his second day at the Body Work as he calls it.

Read the update [Warning: Graphic Content & Images]
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Blogger Vern said :

Hello I am a 45-year-old licensed air conditioning and refrigeration contractor. I also am highly skilled in all areas of construction and employee management. I have a successful business in the USA. I was planning a trip to Thailand last December when bad weather hit my area and I had to cancel. I feel lucky for the bad weather or I would have been in the middle of it. I feel compelled to close my company and offer my services for 1 to 2 years or more if needed. I’m sorry I can’t work for free as am willing to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time. I can always restart my business in a few years. I am always successful in my line of work. Now I feel these people need me more then I need my business. I will be in Thailand January 25th to February 8. Please contact me if you know whom I can contact.


Sun Jan 16, 10:50:00 am IST