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Tuesday 25 January, 2005

Rebuilding through microfinance - Grameen Foundation, USA

The task of rebuilding after the tsunami is enormous, and Grameen Foundation USA is committed to helping poor families in the region.

They say "We are in daily contact with our partners in South Asia helping them respond to the needs of the tsunami's victims -- with immediate relief followed by sustainable microfinance programs as the recovery progresses. We are supporting our microfinance partners -- such as ASA in Tamil Nadu, India -- to provide relief and rehabilitation to those hit hardest by the tsunami. As a grassroots organization, ASA is providing immediate aid. And, as an experienced microfinance partner, they are in place to help with rebuilding efforts and long-term solutions to poverty. The tsunami emergency will continue well into the future, although it will change form. Thousands have been thrust into poverty, including micro-entrepreneurs who have lost everything, including their business. Our partners in South Asia are ready to help people recover through the power of microfinance."

Source: Grameen Foundation website
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