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Sunday, 23 January, 2005

Sri Lanka: Urgent Flash Appeal for Tents

The Government of Sri Lanka through the Center for National Operations is appealing to the International Organizations to provide family size tents with immediate effect.

As the schools now providing shelter to over 17,000 families have to be vacated in order to start the first term it is very necessary that these families are provided with decent accommodation in temporary shelter until they are provided with semi-permanent and permanent housing.

Dhammika Hewapathirana
Telephone Number 077-3166818
E mail Address cnops@presidentsoffice.lk

Guidelines for family tents:

Double fly double fold centre pole tent (family sized tent)

External dimensions:
4.4m x 4.4m (outer fly), surface area 19.36 sq.m., centre height 3m.

Internal dimensions:
4m x 4 m, floor area 16 sq.m., centre height 2.75m, side wall height 1.8m (25 cm distance between outer and inner fly).

Cotton canvas; 100% cotton yarn (10/2 x 10/2 twisted in warp 42/44, weft 24/26 threads per inch, plain weave); 15-16 oz/sq.m. Canvas to be free of weaving defects and finishing faults adversely affecting strength, waterproof ness and durability. Water proofing/resistance to water Penetration by paraffin wax emulsion and aluminum acetate to withstand 20-30 cm hydrostatic head. Stabilization against decomposition of the fabric (rot-proofing) with copper aphanites.

4 aluminum or bamboo poles for roof corners (2m x 22mm diameter); heavy duty sectional steel tube (or aluminum or bamboo) centre pole, plastic clad or galvanized (3m x 50mm diameter). Complete with ropes made of 9mm 3 strand polypropylene; 24 T-Type bars 40mm x 40mm, 50 cm long; 12 iron pegs (25cm x 9mm diameter), one iron hammer of 1 kg; one repair kit with one straight and one curved needle with 20m of suitable thread for tent repair; illustrated assembly instructions with list of Contents.

Reinforced PVC groundsheet 250gm/sq.m.

Source: CNO
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Blogger Plainsay said :

The condition of orphaned children is very tragic. Whomever adopts them have some ulterior motive. Some for the sake of money the government gives, some for converting them in to Islam and some to Christianity. There has to be a centralised agency to supervise that the orphaned children are taken care of well and provided good education and career.
There were disturbing reports that some orphaned girl children were sexually assaulted. This is to be checked. The local governments should take immediate action to check that girl children are protected well from exploitation.

Sun Jan 23, 06:26:00 am IST