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Thursday, 20 January, 2005

Sri Lanka: Tsunami Relief Foundation

The Tsunami Relief Foundation, Sri Lanka was set up by several young tsunami survivors from Sri Lanka:
'Many young people from various places in the world have been putting a lot of their time & energy into the tsunami relief efforts being undertaken by existing organizations. Many of the relief efforts have proved fruitful, although there have been times when we have not been provided with efficient or informative feed back, and also times when we have received news of the misdirection of funds and aid. Frustrated by the lack of clarity about where funding is going to, or ‘not’ going to, we have, after much thought and consideration, decided to embark on our own project- The Tsunami Relief Foundation.'

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Blogger Suzanne Douglas said :

My Children have asked to help and provided their own collectable andrex puppy 20" (large) ! to be auctioned on ebay.co.uk It goes without saying that they/myself would obviouly want to raise as much as possible for the cause. It can be found at ebay.co.uk under vauxhalldiplomat under the advanced search easiest or collectables which takes quite a while to find.
I have not put a postage rate as I am sure it will be quite high, but i will ship/post him to anywhere if it sells at the right price and the person is willing to pay in pounds only/cheque as i cannot get paypal working which is annoying i know. Please advise on where to send a cheque when it sells so that i can make a cheque out and get it to the people who need it most.
Regards and thankyou (i am a genuine person who wants to help not one of those people who are cashing in).
My thoughts are with you all. God bless!

Fri Jan 21, 03:48:00 pm IST