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Friday, 31 December, 2004

Appeal for Tsunami Victims in North Eastern Srilanka - Trousa, USA

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA Appeals for Urgent
Help for Tsunami Victims in Northeastern Sri Lanka

Cumberland, MD – December 29, 2004 -- Northeastern Sri Lanka is one of
the worst affected area from Tsunamis. Death toll there now has reached
7,660 and is expected to increase. About eleven thousand has been admitted
with injuries. Nearly half million people are displaced. People of
Northeastern Sri Lanka who was affected the most by two decade of civil war
in SriLanka was left with no resources to cope with this unprecedented death
and destruction.

The northeastern coastline areas that took the brunt of the Tsunamis in
Sri Lanka are remote and predominantly within rebel held territories.
The local reports from independent news organizations and social welfare
organizations indicate that no external help has reached the affected
area. New York Times reported that Lalith Weerathunga, Secretary to
the Prime Minister, who is now heading the relief efforts in Sri Lanka
stated that he does not know what is going on in the northeast. Associated
Press today reported, citing international relief agency sources, that
SriLankan government officials have blocked passage of relief supplies.
Much of the international aid that is being poured into Sri Lanka is
expected to be channeled through the Government of Sri Lanka and
past experience suggest very little will reach the northeastern.
A member of the SriLankan parliament accused the Sri Lankan
government for “callously ignoring” the plights of the
people in Northeast.

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA is working with local
organizations in Sri Lanka including the Sri Lankan charity TRO to
provide urgent relief work. Hundreds of temporary shelters have been set up by
TRO and urgent medical supplies are being dispatched. Team of
volunteer doctors is arriving in Northeast within next few days. As much of the
immediate medical and other relief supplies are available in local
market, monetary donations are most useful in the short term. We appeal the
American community to generously contribute to our Tsunami Relief Fund
as well as by donating medical and other essential supplies. Items that
are needed urgently include:

1. Medical supplies (Pain relievers, Antibiotics, Dressings, Suture
material, Disposable syringes)
2. Water purification tablets
3. Temporary shelters
4. Portable generators

TRO officials and board of directors are available for interview with
the media. Please use the contact information above for scheduling.

About Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA: Tamils Rehabilitation
Organization, USA was formed at the height of civil war in 1995 to help
civilians affected by the war in Sri Lanka. The organization has
funded various rehabilitation projects in the Northeastern Sri Lanka through
local charities and other social organization including children
orphanages and home for the elderly. Tamils Rehabilitation
Organization is a US IRS approved 501c3 charitable organization.

M. Sritharan
Secretary, Tamils Rehabilitation Organization
517 Old Town Road, Cumberland MD 21502, USA
(301) 320 6344
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