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Monday, 27 December, 2004
From Saurav

"Reuters AlertNet has a list of NGOs that are assisting, some of which are duplicated on this site. http://www.alertnet.org/thefacts/reliefresources/110409431212.htm

An Australian TV Station also has a list of organizations that are offering assistance and/or raising funds: http://seven.com.au/news/tsunami
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Hi I'm a first timer here and couldnt set up my account but I really , really want info on what I can do to help the Tsunami survivors and I cant donate anything right now as i am broke Ive asked others but I get the standard reply that the funds dont reach the needy and after reading Dilip D'souza's article posted here I understand . Now back to the point I want information on agencies which ensure that the funds reach the right people and/or who can educate people on what the survivors ACTUALLY need as relief material.So my request to all bloggers PLEASE help me here.just a small suggestion to all those who read this,please go thru the article mentioned above,(its on this site)to understand my viewpoint.

Wed Dec 29, 10:03:00 am IST