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Tuesday, 28 December, 2004
I just got back from the Southern city of Galle, in Sri Lanka, I'm not going to go into what I saw there. The one thing that i discovered in speaking to the displaced people there who're living in the temples and churches and schools is that they needs clothes as much as food and water. I guess this is something a lot of us tend to overlook. And (I'm not kidding) there is a severe shortage of undergarments. Not a joke. Specially for the women. I guess no one thinks of it as a need but a lot of people are finding it very very difficult. I don't know if this is something particular to the displaced people of Sri Lanka. Maybe you guys doing aid work in other countries should also look into it.

If I have any more information I'll pass it on.

I'm also looking for 2 friends and their 4 year old son who were on Phuket. Kumudhinee Samuel, and Chandraguptha Thenuwara and their son Charudatta Thenuwara. If there's any news of any Sri Lankans in Phuket anyone please drop me a word at sanjaythelostboy@gmail.com
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