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Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Relief Transport for Andaman, India

Indian Airlines have evacuated record number of people from Port Blair and are willing to help those who want to send relief materials to Andaman. Here are the numbers to contact:

Regional Directors of Indian Airlines can be contacted for transportation of relief material on the following numbers: Northern region (Delhi): 25672800; Eastern region (Kolkata): 22116953; Southern region (Chennai): 22561070 and Western region (Mumbai): 26156788.

Special cells have also been set up to disseminate flight information. The telephone numbers of these are: Kolkata: 22116869 and 22110041; Chennai: 22560022; Delhi: 25674270 and 25672226; Mumbai: 26256986.

Source: The Hindu

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Blogger amrit said :

As per information received from Mr. Rasheed Yusuf of
Nicobar Youth Association in Kamorta at 5:00 PM on
29th December 2004.

1. The first aid reached Kamorta today morning by MV
Tilangchong, a naval ship.
2. MV Sentinel is expected, it sailed yesterday night
from Port Blair via Car Nicobar.
3. Katchal, Car Nicobar and Chowra are most badly
4. Coast Guard brought the only aid that reached
5. At Teressa, 600 persons are marooned in Bengali
village, not rescued yet.
6. At Bambooka, 8 are still missing.
7. In Pillomillow, out of 600 persons, 200 are
8. At Dering, out of 200, just 40 survive.
9. At Champion, 2 persons are still missing.

Local teachers and doctors have been extremely

Our other observations are:

The passenger jetty at Hut Bay had collapsed on 28th
AM. More than 300 hundred dead bodies from Hut Bay so
far. Damage extends far beyond Head quarters. The
death tally may go up many times the present figure.

Trinket has broken up in three parts. About 70% of
Katchal is destroyed.

Drinking water, shelter and food are the most pressing
needs. Disposal of dead bodies and carcasses of
animals is the highest priority.

Measures to prevent an epidemic will need to be taken
up on a war footing.

Logistical difficulties make the rate of rescue of
people pretty slow.

We also find that non-tribals by far outnumber
the tribals in the rescued group of people.

We are apprehensive about the fate of the primitive
tribe, like the Shompen, Jarawa, Onge, Great
Andamanese and Sentinelese.

Society For Andaman & Nicobar Ecology.

Contact nos: (O) (03192) 232929, 234624, 236014
(R) (03192) 235002, 233072
Mobile – 0 9434282573

Thu Dec 30, 09:35:00 AM IST