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Wednesday, 29 December, 2004

rotation period of the Earth has been permanently altered

Chicago Tribune (subscription) - Chicago,IL,USA

Incredibly, the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that struck off Sumatra on Sunday morning caused a vertical displacement of so much material that the rotation period of the Earth has been permanently altered. By a tiny but measurable amount, the Earth is now rotating more quickly on its axis, and the 24-hour day is now one ten-thousandth second shorter.That's the result of calculations based on preliminary data made by Oak Park astronomer Dr. Leslie M. Golden.

It's analogous to the increase in rotational speed that a twirling ice skater experiences when he or she draws in their arms.
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I must dissagree with this statement about the earths rotation being altered. her is why.

in order to create this tsunami there must be a verticle displacement of material outward(or upward), not inward. this would push the water upward and away. if the more dence material(rock) is moving up it would infact be the same as a skater letting their arms out and actually slowing their rotation down, thus lenghtining the day. but if this material was pushed outward, what took up the space where it originally was. I cant see there being a void with a vaccume existing under it. it must have been filled with part of the ocean, or surrounding material which had a downward vertical displacement. thus equaling out the overall mass displacement. Thus, since the earths overall diameter did not change, and there was infact no external force added or subtracted to the earths inertia. the rotation of the earth is left virtually unchanged. There may have been some tempory change to its rotation but has leveled off back to normal.

Just my thoughts from logical mind.

Ron R.

Sat Jan 08, 05:22:00 AM IST