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Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Tenth Situation Report - GoI

The GOIndia released the Xth Situation Report at 1600 Hrs IST.

Report has three annexures. Annexure 1 deals with the number (loss of human life) officially, and the number of missing persons. Annexure 2 has details of the immediate impact of the Tsunamis in terms of Coastal Length affected in Km , Penetration of water into main land in Km, Average height of the tidal wave, number of villages affected, houses damaged, livestock loss and affected population. Annexure 3 has report on the meeting of the Group of Ministers (GOM) constituted for welfare, relief and rescue operations. Report also has a Sitrep on the states in terms of infrastructure, telecommunication, relief and rescue ops.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Its been 4 days since Disaster struck and all we see is reports from the field from AidIndia and other NGOs. Not much of action from the State/Center govt. apart from planning/setting up Commissions/Reporting etc..Better send the money to the NGO's. Yeah!! Reports/Annexures and procedural crap of the Govt will take ages while people out there r starving.

Thu Dec 30, 11:59:00 PM IST