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Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Young NCC Cadets Help Kerela Tsunami Victims

Over 70,000 people in Kerala are living in relief camps after the tsunami waves hit the state's coast on Sunday.

It's an event that has brought out the inner strength in many people. In places where relief has not yet reached, young NCC cadets are involving themselves in relief work in transit camps along the Kerala coast.

"We do the needful to help women and children. We clean the campsite, distribute food," said an NCC cadet boy. "Yes, I am enjoying my work".

The presence of these young volunteers is very welcome, especially among the survivors.

"They help us a lot. They help in cleaning up the place, disposing the waste," said a child.

The young NCC cadets have been working around the clock in the relief camps in Kerala under very difficulty circumstances.

Source : NDTV
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