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Saturday, 8 January, 2005

After the tsunami Somalia is the worst-hit country in Africa

UNICEF has mounted a rapid relief effort to aid the approximately 15,000 people who have been affected by flooding along the country's coastline following last Sunday's massive earthquake. Somalia is the worst affected country along the east coast of Africa, with some 120 people reported dead and hundreds still missing.

In the worst hit areas, in particular the village of Harfun near the northern tip of the country, some 80 per cent of the homes and all of the water sources and sanitation facilities have been destroyed. UN agencies and NGOs are working to provide assistance focusing initially on shelter, water, medical supplies and food.

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Blogger Cybez said :

hopefully not a forgotten country......

CARE's Response in Somalia


Asia Quake Disaster: CARE's Response in Somalia

The tsunami was powerful enough to have a deadly impact on the Horn of Africa, far across the Indian Ocean. In Somalia, some 150 people were killed and an estimated 54,000 people are in need of emergency assistance.

More than 1,000 homes and boats were damaged or destroyed, shallow wells were buried and water reservoirs were destroyed. Having endured years of civil war, three consecutive years of droughts and recent floods and cyclone disasters, the people of Somalia are ill-equipped to deal with this latest shock.

Although the immediate needs for food, water, medicine and shelter have been met by humanitarian agencies, there is an urgent need for long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation assistance for the affected communities.

Prior to the tsunami, CARE had been distributing food to poor communities in both southern and northern Somalia. CARE will continue distributing food in coordination with the World Food Programme. In addition, CARE will work alongside local organizations to provide cash relief to thousands of the hardest-hit families.

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