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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

At least 1,000 teachers missing in Aceh, 50% of schools destroyed

JAKARTA (Antara): At least 1,000 teachers have been reported missing in Aceh and over 50 percent of school buildings devastated by last week's tsunamis, an official said on Wednesday.

"Provisional data shows that about 1,000 teachers are missing and approximately 140,000 elementary school students and 20,000 junior high school students have been left with nowhere to study," Director General of Elementary and Secondary Education at the Ministry of National Education Indra Jati Sidi said.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am a seventh grade student at Dartmouth Middle School. At our school the students are seperated by teams. this idea started with my team, the Explorers, but spread to the rest of the school. It's called the Wave of Aid and what it is, is history teachers collect donations that students have made that the teachers will gather together and (in the form of a check )send to the Red Cross Releif Fund. We chose to send this money to the Red Cross because it is the #1 releif organization worldwide. Currently there are many Red Cross releif workers trying to help the victims of the fatal tsunami. They are asking not for clothing, food, or water, but they are asking people who would like to help to send money to the organizatrion. Also, if you were wondering, only approximately 3 cents out of every dollar that you donate goes to administration. The rest goes to help the victims of large catastrophes such as what happened in Asia. We passed out flyers for the program encouraging people to donate and letting them know of some ways you could raise money for the victims. One of these ways is recycling your old cans and bottles at your local recycling facility(usually located near a grocery store). I would just like to let the rest of the world know this and also to let them know another way they can raise money for the victims and another organization they could possibly send the money to.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this.

Fri Jan 07, 08:59:00 AM IST