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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Corruption of tsunami funds a concern

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- As relief officials struggle to reach homeless tsunami survivors, another concern is quietly making the rounds of donor meetings: the threat of corruption.

The United Nations and aid groups say they have seen little evidence of local officials skimming funds or reselling relief supplies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other hard-hit countries. Still, they fear the issue could discourage some people from contributing to the recovery effort.

"I think we're more concerned that the image of it would hold people back from sending money because they fear the money would end up in the wrong pockets," Michael Elmquist, head of U.N. relief efforts in Indonesia's Aceh province, said Wednesday.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

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Thu Jan 06, 07:49:00 AM IST  
Blogger Maheanuu Tane said :

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Thu Jan 06, 08:05:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

If you want to send money, make sure it goes to a relief effort that does not give it to the UN or the country directly.

Thu Jan 06, 08:26:00 AM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

I and a few friends are maintaining a list of organizations that, to the best of my knowledge, are decent according to our values. Which are: a focus on grassroots work, lack of corruption, and an emphasis on people and their needs rather than ideological or sectarian dogmatism.

it's at http://progressivetsunamihelp.blogspot.com

I'm in New York, so I don't have access to great information, but some folks in indonesia, india, and sri lanka have helped out in putting it together and i trust them.

Thu Jan 06, 08:41:00 AM IST