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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

Report On Internally displaced in Aceh

As has already been well documented, Aceh suffered almost unimaginable damage and suffering as a result of the earthquake and tsunami on 26 December; Fatalities have surpassed 100,000 with hundreds of thousands more severely affected physically, psychologically and through a loss of livlihood. The damage is not widely distributed throughout the provice but rather limited to the provincial capital and a narrow band of communities along the coast.

Against this backdrop a massive relief effort was initiated by the Government of Indonesia and many governmental, non-governmental and multi-lateral actors. Given the scale of the crisis, the wide geographic area affected and the lack of access and communication with the affected areas, the priority of the initial response has been, correctly, on quickly getting as much aid as possible distributed to as many people as possible. Waiting for more information before beginning relief efforts would have meant unnecessary suffering.

At this juncture, when it is believed that the majority of affected populations have received at least initial, life-saving assistance, a more strategic and coordinated review of needs and priorities is possible. This short document represents a first step in clarifying the scale of requirements, focusing on the number and general needs of IDPs in Aceh.

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