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Wednesday, 5 January, 2005

Smile Foundation seeks credible NGOs onsite in Tamil Nadu

Smile is a small organisation working with children in eight states. We are interested in finding people/organisation with whom we could partner with for long term rehab of children/commmunities. They would like to get in touch with some credible people/organisation with whom possibilities could be explored.

We all are aware of the havoc created by Tsunami in coastal regions of South Asia spilling over to southern and Island states of our country. Thousands of families have been disaster struck, many swept away by tidal waves and untraceable, the survivors battling for life and survival while being completely awestricken and completely defenseless. Misery falling on them no extent. Our families suffering the worst human pain of experiencing their loved ones having been swept away, home having vanished and life completely at the verge of ruin.

While we can not replace what they have lost but we can certainly make our small human endeavor by attending to their most urgent and pressing immediate need and contribute our might to collectively help bring down the miseries. Smile Foundation, being a developmental support agency working for welfare of children, cannot remain a mute spectator such human catastrophe.

Smile Foundation therefore seeks your help by providing some credible non-governmental organizations active in disaster struck areas of Tamil Nadu with whom it could tie-up for canalizing its contribution in relief measures.

You are requested to respond IMMEDIATELY.

The organizations we look to partner with must:
a.. Have physical presence in affected areas of Tamil Nadu.
b.. Be in active existence for last 2/3 years and involved in developmental activities.
c.. Have a credible track record.
Kindly forward the details at Proposal@smilefoundationindia.org

Anupama Puri (Smile Foundation)
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Blogger Dipak Chaudhari said :

To see so many children orphaned by the Tsunami tragedy, one really wonders, what harm or agony did these innocent minds caused and what are they punished for. I would like to appeal to all members of the world society, for whom it is possible, to adopt these children and give them a bright future. I would like to adopt a baby girl who is less than 2 years of age. Any organisation who can guide me to adopt a child, kindly contact me at

Dipak Chaudhari,
email : dipak8@yahoo.com

Wed Jan 05, 03:25:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Regarding adoption of Indian children by foreigners, please see guidelines posted here


Important parts -
1. Indian law has no provisions for foreigners to adopt Indian children, but under the Guardian and Wards Act of 1890, foreigners may petition an Indian district court for legal custody of a child to be taken abroad for adoption.

2. Following a 1984 Indian Supreme Court decision, non-Indians are required to work through an adoption agency in their home country that is licensed in accordance with local law and appears on a list of agencies approved by the Indian government.

3. Only an Indian agency recognised and listed by the Indian government may make children available for adoption by foreigners.

4. US citizens desiring to adopt Indian children have to file an I-600A petition before the Immigration and Naturalisation Service office in America. They have to submit the following documents before INS: (a) Court order regarding legal custody of the child; (b) Evidence that the child is an orphan; (c) Birth certificate of the child; (d) Two photographs of the child; (e) Payment of required fees.

5. In India, the foreign adoptive parents have to submit the following documents: a. Fingerprints of petitioner (and spouse, if married); b. Home study documents from an authorised agency in the US where the child will be adopted; c. Proof of petitioners' US citizenship (passport or birth certificate); d. Evidence of financial support; e. Payment of the filing fee.

6. Once the petition has been approved by INS and forwarded to the consular section at the US embassy or consulate, the adopted child must apply for an immigrant visa. The child must appear in person, but there is no requirement that the adoptive parents appear as well. Often someone from the child welfare agency will bring the child to the consular section for the visa and subsequently accompany the child to the US.

Thu Jan 06, 02:00:00 AM IST