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Sunday, 2 January, 2005

UNICEF launches immunization drive in TN, Kerala

New Delhi, Jan. 2. (PTI): The UNICEF has launched a massive campaign on an emergency footing to immunize about 115,000 children against measles and vitamin-A deficiency in Tsunami-hit areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

"Measles is a deadly threat to children living in crowded camps. It spreads quickly, killing children, or severely weakening their immune systems. Those children are then too weak to fight off other diseases," said Marzio Babile, UNICEF's Chief of Health in India, today.

100,000 children in Tamil Nadu will be immunized in Tamil Nadu, one of the worst-hit areas, and 15,000 in Kerala during one-week period, she said.

The decision to go ahead with an immunization campaign, which would be conducted at relief camps in 11 districts in Tamil Nadu and three districts of Kerala, was taken by the by Central and the state governments with support from UNICEF and WHO.

Source: The Hindu

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Blogger iluvmypet said :

As if the Tsunami wasn’t disastrous enough, now the miraculous survivors will be faced with the dangers of so many diseases due to the lack of clean water, food, sanitation, medicine, etc. Unfortunately their immune system is going to be greatly weakened -- leading to increased susceptibility to virtually every type of disease.

For those of you who would like to do "something" for the survivors of those in Asia but haven't figured out "exactly" what to do ......here's an option. Wouldn't it be great if we could help these people by giving them an immune supplement that may very well prevent them from getting sick?????

Our company, Legacy for Life, offers immune supplements focused on strengthening and balancing the immune system in much the same way that infants get immunity from their mothers. These products were originally created for the people in Africa who lack clean water. Legacy has graciously agreed to ship the products (immune26 chewables) to Asia (outside of their normal shipping territory) for anyone who wants to donate them. Legacy will pay the shipping costs (and there is no tax). The products are $30/bottle and of course the donation will be 100% tax deductible (Legacy will send receipts for your tax records).

To make a donation, call toll-free at 1-800-557-8477 and tell them you want to make a donation for the Tsunami relief fund. You will need a referral ID# in order to make the donation -- the number is ID# 641014. All proceeds will be 100% donated to the disaster relief.

I personally feel so fortunate to be able to help those in need during this terrible disaster of all times. I just made a $300 donation myself. Thank you all for your graciousness.

God Bless,
Donna Isenhour

Mon Jan 03, 05:46:00 AM IST  
Blogger Hotindia said :

I really appriciate the immunization work done by Unisafe but at the same time i request Unisafe worker not to claim that they are taking care of the 500-600 families in the affected area. If you are taking care of immunization and ORS powder than clicm for that only.
That's what i came to know after talking to 2-3 people from your oraganization, please request them to stop it.


Mon Jan 03, 03:14:00 PM IST