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Thursday, 10 February, 2005

US: Bush seeks $950 million in tsunami aid

President Bush said Wednesday he will ask Congress for an additional $600 million to aid victims of the December 26 tsunami that ravaged parts of southern Asia.

That aid would be in addition to the $350 million the United States already has pledged, according to a written statement from the White House.


Andrew Natsios, the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, told reporters Wednesday that the $950 million humanitarian pledge would represent "the most generous and the most extensive in American history for the U.S. government."

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Blogger NotAsDumbAsILook said :

More many people die from starvation in 5 days than died in tsunami. Wheres the blog for world hunger?

Fri Feb 11, 09:14:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Well what do you want us to do? Put on a rock concert?

Fri Feb 11, 05:30:00 pm IST