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Friday, 31 December, 2004

GM Employees Donate - GM Will Match Your Donation Says CEO Rick Wagoner

FOR RELEASE: 2004-12-30

General Motors Pledges Aid to Tsunami Disaster Victims

DETROIT -- General Motors today announced that the GM Foundation will donate $1 million in cash to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross to support relief efforts on behalf of victims of the tidal wave disaster.

GM, through its foundation, also will match up to $1 million in contributions made by GM employees to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross, UNICEF and CARE. GM employees can make direct contributions to these organizations by using the company’s Global Aid Disaster Relief website.

"All of us are stunned by the magnitude of this unprecedented natural disaster, and we mourn the loss of life and the devastation it has brought to so many people," said GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. "General Motors wants to assist in the global relief efforts to provide food, water, medicine and other resources to the disaster victims as quickly as possible."

Wagoner encouraged GM employees to make online contributions to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross, UNICEF and CARE. "General Motors and its employees have a long tradition of responding to emergencies in communities where we work and live, and also in other areas throughout the world. I know our employees will rise to the challenge again," Wagoner said.

More information on the GM Foundation can be found on the General Motors corporate website at www.gmability.com.

Anthony Neely
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Dear Sir /Madam,

We are a Non Government Organization (Rajarata Development Partnership) in Sri lanka, Involving in relief activities in Sri Lanka and we are especially targetting on Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. we are having efficient distribution system and we are a government registered NGO.

We understood, your organization is actively participating the relief efforts. We are urgently need some kitchen items( only cooking pots and souce pans), bed sheets and some medicines and female under garments and female sanitory napkins. We need to know , that your organization is capable of supplying these items.

Yours' faithfully,


Relief Coordinator

Fri Dec 31, 09:54:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Please provide where we can provide you such items , an address, a website , contact information.. so that we can post that in our blog site, and some body looking at the site might contact you if they can donate.

Fri Dec 31, 10:09:00 AM IST  
Blogger Ben Padnos said :

We've set up a website that makes it even easier for people to generate funds for the tsunami relief effort. Please check out http://www.ReliefSearch.org.

Very simply, when users click on search results generated from ReliefSearch.org, the site earns revenues on a pay-per-click basis. All click revenues generated from these searches will help fund the victims of the Earthquake/Tsunami disaster. People can continue performing searches on the web as they normally would, only proceeds from their activities on ReliefSearch.org will help the cause. So, we're encouraging users to use the ReliefSearch.org search engine instead of Google or Yahoo!

Our goal is 1 million searches in the next 30 days. Anything you can do to help spread the word about ReliefSearch.org will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much for your help!

Fri Dec 31, 11:33:00 AM IST  
Blogger Bree said :

CanWest Global has also announced it will match donations from its employees to organizations providing relief to tsunami victims. They suggest donating to the Canadian Red Cross (www.redcross.ca); Care Canada (www.care.ca); Oxfam Canada (www.oxfam.ca); UNICEF Canada (www.unicef.ca); World Vision (www.worldvision.ca); or Doctors Without Borders (www.msf.ca).

Fri Dec 31, 09:15:00 PM IST