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Friday, 31 December, 2004


All posts from 12-27-2004 to 12-31-2004 regarding emergency numbers and information for INDIA only:

12-31 Brief Update from Cuddalore (India) and Relief Plans

12-31 ICICI waives fees for Tsunami donations Demand Drafts

12-31 Bangaloreans Help Needed - Medicines and Other Relief Materials

12-31 DONATE from Punjab

12-31 HELP from HARYANA

12-31 HELP from SHIMLA

12-31 Donate from Jammu & Kashmir(ALL DISTRICTS)

12-31 Donate from Chandigarh

12-31 Tamil Nadu (India) Govt. Directive on Relief Material

12-30 Pune (India) update and further aid request

12-30 News Update

12-30 Tenth Situation Report - GoI

12-30 Are You In Chennai and Want To Volunteer - Hurry!!

12-30 Organisations can send Money to the following:

12-30 Updated List of collection centres set up by Akanksha in Mumbai City and Suburbs

12-30 Clothes Bank Information

12-30 Want to Volunteer?

12-30 High Wave Alert

12-30 High Wave Alert in Southern States

12-30 New Tsunami Alert in Tamilnadu, Kerala

12-30 Young NCC Cadets Help Kerela Tsunami Victims

12-30 Bangalore: Donate old clothes at Food World

12-30 Hungama gets into the act

12-30 Relief Transport for Andaman, India

12-30 Isha Foundation needs aid for Nagapattinam & Cuddalore in India

12-30 CRY Tsunami Fund

12-29 Update from Aid-india team in Nagapattinam & Cuddalore (India) at 8.40pm IST

12-30 PUNE, India update: Doctors & Volunteers for Tsunami Relief

12-29 Latest Situation Report from Govt of India

12-29 Finally

12-29 The Hindu ( a terriffic newspaper, not the religion) Fund


12-29 Tsunami Relief Update - Suyam

12-29 Volunteer

12-29 A list of relief funds

12-29 Notes from the Field - Kanyakumari

12-29 Drop locations for Aid in Mumbai City - Courtesy Akanksha

12-29 Tsunami hits India, Inc. with Rs 3,000 cr loss

12-29 Drop box at ITPL, Bangalore

12-29 Bridge Foundation Collecting Goods in Bangalore

12-29 Children and orphans in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh

12-29 How to help from Kolkata

12-29 Coordinating volunteers in Chennai.

12-29 is there a list of people going to chennai from Mumbai

12-29 Cash Donations in Mumbai

12-29 Udavum Karangal adopts a village near Cuddalore

12-29 Helpline Numbers in Cuddalore, India

12-29 Local Aid in Chennai, India

12-29 Andaman, India Aid

12-28 Field Report for Andaman, India

12-28 Updates from Andhra Pradesh

12-28 Orissa Helplines

12-28 Prime Minister's Relief Fund in India

12-28 Latest Site Report from Govt of India

12-28 Contact numbers for rescue work

12-28 Asha For Education Tsunami Relief

12-28 IA plans 15 relief flights

12-28 High Commissions in the affected Countries

12-28 Indians and Sri Lankans in New Jersey

12-28 Info about Indians overseas- Indian missions abroad

12-28 Sewa International accepting donations in Chennai

12-28 Special Cell Numbers for those stranded in Andaman and Nicobar

12-28 Appeal From GOONJ

12-28 Potable Drinking Water in Tamil Nadu-UNICEF

12-28 More Contact Details

12-28 times of india relief fund

12-28 Bangalore Red Cross contact

12-28 AID-India update from Tamil Nadu

12-28 direct relief supplies india

12-28 more control room helpline numbers

12-28 aid indias efforts

12-28 India Express Citizens Relief Fund

12-28 "The Hindu Relief Fund" from Hindu group of publications

12-28 Listing of important numbers for Indian citizens both in affected parts of India and abroad

12-28 Indian Red Cross Information

12-28 Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Public Relief Fund

12-27 Indian Red Cross Society

12-27 Contact Person 1

12-27 PM's Relief Fund
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Blogger jerin said :

My name is jerin,im frm Chengannur,kerala...and i would like to volunteer,cause i saw on NDTV yesterday that they are low on volunteers ..if anyone can help please contact me at 9447126333(m) or at 04792457567(h)i am a just maybe 30 km far away frm kollam and i would like to help,please please let me know...

Thu Dec 30, 09:59:00 AM IST  
Blogger Sukumar said :

Jaycees of Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) in Tanjore Dt is involved in Tsunami Relief Work at Poompuhar, Chidambaram and other nearby coastal areas. Refugee Camps are being run in Mayiladuthurai for the displaced victims. There is an urgent need to provide medicines at various camps. Jaycees volunteers will assist in distribution. We welcome assistance from NGOs and Pharama companies. Contact : Mr A S Ravindiran (Mob : 09345061022) or Mr V Raman (Mob : 09443134855). Jaycees can also assist corporates and NGOs to carry out Relief Work in the nearby areas to ensure benefits reach the victims.

Fri Dec 31, 11:57:00 AM IST