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Friday, 31 December, 2004


General Aid Information posts from 12-27-2004 to 12-31-2004:


12-31 Lonely Planet

12-31 American Red Cross donation collection website.

12-31 Malaysia Helplines & News Updates

12-31 US State Department Info for US Victims

12-31 Finding Information in the Blog

12-31 Providing safe drinking water - Info for organisations in the field

12-31 Collection sites in Singapore

12-31 Donate Airline Mileage

12-31 English Premier League club Everton set up appeal fund

12-31 Want to become a volunteer to this blog?

12-31 UK - Sunrise Radio - Donations

12-30 Corporate Donors - is your employer one of them?

12-30 How to help from the US - buy Shaklee Cares Relief Packs

12-30 CNN- Email appeals

12-30 People in UK! - Clothes Needed For Tsunami Relief

12-30 Swedish Information Blog

12-30 AlertNet offers AIDfund to NGOs at Asia quake scene

12-30 Contacts and info- Missing Swedes

12-30 Emirates offers assistance to stranded passengers

12-30 Malaysia Sets Up Asian Disaster Fund For Tsunami Victims

12-30 CRY online donation page up

12-30 Red Cross sets up Web site for tsunami victim contact

12-30 Send Email Appeal to CNN - Helpful in locating Missing Persons

12-30 Update on assistance to HK people affected by tsunamis

12-30 In UK? - Help Through Disasters Emergency Committee of Great Britain

12-30 Helplines from Portuguese Foreign Ministry

12-30 Strategies for maximizing your donations.

12-30 Finding Information in the Blog

12-30 Portuguese Helpline Numbers for missing persons

12-30 Tsunami Disaster Forum

12-30 Forensic experts in race against time, call for help

12-30 Americans in Asia - Call home NOW!

12-30 Lonely Planet's Bulletin Board

12-30 Info for Italian familiesl

12-30 Donate from Portugal

12-30 How you can help tsunami victims

12-30 AFH Details

12-30 UAE Details

12-30 Missing Norwegians

12-30 Hotline numbers for missing people

12-30 Helpline for missing persons from South Africa

12-30 Help Relief Effort From Trinidad and Tobago

12-30 For Our Spanish Readers

12-29 Want to Help? Looking for Help?

12-29 CNN's Missing People Database

12-29 Agencies Collecting Aid in France

12-29 Flickr Group Page Created for Missing Persons

12-29 Post Tsunami Reconnect Disaster Relief

12-29 BBC News Message Boards for Missing Persons

12-29 Free SMS service Chatbar to and from affected countries

12-29 Tsunami Victims . org

12-29 Red Cross and Red Crescent

12-29 List of Relief Funds

12-29 Emirates helpline numbers

12-29 Helpline Number in France

12-29 Contribute in Malaysia

12-29 USAID's Guide to Effective Giving

12-29 Relief Organizations Working in the Disaster Area

12-29 Donate from Germany

12-29 Assistance in Transporting Goods Out of the U.S.

12-29 Appeal from Art of the Living Foundation

12-29 How to Help if You're in Singapore

12-29 Donate from the United States

12-29 Donate from Ireland

12-29 Doante from Spain

12-29 Finding Information in the blog

12-29 Links to Charities

12-29 Contact List

12-29 Satellite Pictures of Tsunami 2004

12-29 Indonesia Aid Information

12-29 International aid organizations

12-29 Country Wide Helplines

12-29 Webpage listing various donations

12-29 Aid from Dubai

12-29 Information on Filipinos caught in tsunami

12-29 List of Agencies from Canada Collecting Aid

12-29 Canada Helpline Numbers

12-29 Posters from AID India

12-29 Seeking info? Ask the bloggers

12-29 Thomas Cook helpline

12-28 Additional Contact Numbers(Hotlines)

12-28 WorldChanging Angle

12-28 Those seeking information about American Citizens

12-28 High Commissions in the affected Countries

12-28 More ways to contribute from the USA

12-28 Apollo Hospitals Joins Relief Efforts


12-28 How to Send Help from USA

12-28 Contacts for Singapore Red Cross

12-28 Pre-frabricated toilets for use in Affected areas

12-28 WorldChanging-AFH Relief Fund

12-28 American Red Cross Relief Effort

12-28 UNICEF Offices and Contact Numbers

12-28 We Need Volunteers

12-28 More Listings of Agencies Carrying Aid

12-28 US Located Relief Effort

12-27 Mercy Corps

12-27 ReliefWeb

12-27 Michigan Indian Community Website Collecting Funds

12-27 Médecins Sans Frontières efforts

12-27 NRI Blogger Initiative

12-27 Reuters AlertNet

12-27 Aid Appeal for Tidal Wave Disaster

12-27 AmeriCares Is Accepting Donations

12-27 CARE Australia Launches Southern Asia Earthquake Appeal

12-27 SEEDS Appeal

12-27 Oxfam is Accepting Donations

12-27 Thomas Cook Helpline

12-27 Save The Childen Press Release

12-17 A Little Can Go A Long Way
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Anonymous Anonymous said :


Wed Dec 29, 07:11:00 PM IST  
Blogger Ganesh S said :

You can also Post your donation thropught this site at http://www.rupya.com please come and donate here .

Wed Dec 29, 08:15:00 PM IST  
Blogger MachiasPrivateer said :

Contact your governments and local shipping companies to send ships to anchor off ravaged areas. The ships have evaporators to make fresh water!! They can also provide radio communication and kitchen services. Any ship will do. Obviously, the bulk of the damage is right on the coast. Use the sea to bring relief.

Wed Dec 29, 08:31:00 PM IST  
Blogger Anonymous Person said :

I collected some footage and satellite imagery and put them in a torrent. All of the other sites hosting files are starting to run out of bandwidth. Check out my blog to get the files. The tracker is courtesy DownhillBattle.org.

Keep up the good work Vimal!

Wed Dec 29, 11:38:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :


Indonesia - 80,000

Sri Lanka - 27,500

India - 12,000

Thailand - 4,500

Thu Dec 30, 11:39:00 PM IST  
Blogger Sukumar said :

Jaycees of Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) in Tanjore Dt is involved in Tsunami Relief Work at Poompuhar, Chidambaram and other nearby coastal areas. Refugee Camps are being run in Mayiladuthurai for the displaced victims. There is an urgent need to provide medicines at various camps. Jaycees volunteers will assist in distribution. We welcome assistance from NGOs and Pharama companies. Contact : Mr A S Ravindiran (Mob : 09345061022) or Mr V Raman (Mob : 09443134855). Jaycees can also assist corporates and NGOs to carry out Relief Work in the nearby areas to ensure benefits reach the victims.

Fri Dec 31, 11:58:00 AM IST