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Friday, 31 December, 2004

ICICI waives fees for Tsunami donations Demand Drafts

This is for those who want to send money directly to organisations helping in the relief work

ICICI Bank is doing the following : First, demand drafts to any NGO for Tsunami relief work will NOT be charged. Also, they are ready to provide, at par facilities, for specific cheques for the NGOs involved in the relief activity.

This action has been initiated by Mr.K.V.Kamath. Anyone who wants to avail of this facility write to Surabhi Gupta

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Blogger Antonio said :

“The Great Aussie Chefs BBQ”

Primary Aim

To hold a public event barbeque simultaneously throughout each state of Australia, utilizing the network of Australian Culinary Federation throughout the country, pulling all chefs together as one for this unique event.
The money raised from the day will be forwarded on to the affected areas through a charity organization, only for the purchase of food and shelter for distribution to the affected areas of the tsunami disaster.

It is envisaged that here in Victoria we will raise a minimum of Fifty thousand dollars, and see that there is no reason for other states not to emulate these standards.

Strategic Objectives


It is a stipulation that no costs will be incurred for the operation of this event, everything from the entertainment to the permits to the paper cups and sausages will be donated. Otherwise there is no point to holding this event, it will just turn into a profit making enterprise for select distributors, this is not what we are about nothing short of 100% donations will be tolerated.

An Opportunity worth Pursuing

Does this business alleviate a frustration experienced by a large enough group of consumers to make it worth my while?

ALL people are shocked at the devastation throughout South East Asia at the moment, and by appealing to this sense we will be able to elicit the charity of many thousands to aid us in our efforts. People want to help, or feel they should but for various reasons are unable, by holding this event we are making it easy for them to donate and feel part of the relief effort. They can then go back to their lives content that they have done their little bit for humanity, whilst at the same time what we are also creating is a sense of community, many together as one striving to attain a positive & desired outcome.

Product: What we have to offer is an opportunity to become part of a community, a chance to put your mind at ease knowing that you have done your small part for charity, allowing your conscience to relax in comfort.

Commodity: Sausage sizzle/barbeque and a day’s outdoor entertainment

Who is My Customer? : Anybody whom has the desire to become part of our community the pre-requisites being that they have a desire to help, love the outdoors, and a good barbeque. This could include families, professional people, businesses, Grandparents, children, politicians, sports stars, etc. There is no limitation to which our customers will or could be anybody with a conscience and a desire to help is our customer. We live in a world not inhibited by any boarders, only by those created in ones mind together throughout the worlds we are as one, a community.

The co –ordination of the event is to be split between a working committee to ensure that al requirements and avenues to generate funds are met and exhausted. The key to the success of the event is participation, whether it by public, industry or government.
Australians through BBQ and Mate ship have always shared this experience; this is what we all do day to day, what we require are to share this experience with the community.
A central location is required to host the event along with a committee formed to facilitate and manage the event overall.

The brief is an initial one and does not take into account all components of operation and success, this document is designed to give a brief overview of an idea, the link between food and people whether good or bad is always there. Chefs have a natural link to food, food having a natural link to survival.

The interest and support of all the community is needed to host such an event, our first steps are to gather enough interest and basic support to actually host the event. For more information and to lend your support please contact:-

Gary Farrell
Australian Culinary Federation – Victoria
0419 526 458

Kevin Starrow

Fri Dec 31, 04:55:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I wanted to comment what a wonderful job you've done assembling all this information.

I live in the United States. Today, the head of our company sent out an e-mail stating that the company would match contributions up to US$25,000. Within one hour, we raised US$25,000. By the end of the day, 500 people at my company gave a total of $75,000 + matching contributions from the company of $25,000, making for $100,000 in contributions.

I find it truly astonishing that the world has banded together to help other people. It's so sad that it takes such a horrific event for the world to come together, but hopefully some good will come out of this mess.

You are doing a great service in consolidating so much information to this page. Keep up the wonderful work! My prayers are with those who are suffering.

Fri Dec 31, 04:59:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Wonder if anyone said, "Calgon take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Fri Dec 31, 05:04:00 AM IST